What to do for a bee sting: Treatment and Remedies

In case the bee sting victim is not allergic: In such cases the person will have some reaction to the bee sting like swelling, pain and redness near the area of the bee sting. The pain will subside quite fast but the swelling may be there for about 24 hours. You may apply an ice pack on the stung area to help with the pain and the swelling.

Stung more than 10 times: In case the person has been stung more that 10 times in areas like the throat, the mouth or inside the nose, then get medical attention immediately. This sort of stinging can cause symptoms like shortness in breathing even in people who are not allergic.

Painkillers to provide relief: The consumption of ibuprofen can be good for some pain relief. You can also swab the area with some lotion that is suitable for such purpose. Also use an ice pack to help the swelling come down.

Be careful when you are removing the stinger by ensuring that you do not disturbing the venom sack when you are pulling it out as this may cause more harm.