Some Home Based Remedies To Manage Low Blood Pressure: Why, When and How?

Managing Low Blood Pressure

Eat more salt: As a rule people are advised to limit their intake of salt, but for people who are having an issue of Low Blood Pressure, salt will make a difference. Do talk to your doctor before consuming salty food

Increase consumption of water: Water is essential for the working of your body. It also works at ensuring that dehydration does not occur. It you are feeling giddy, do take care to make sure that you drink more water than you usually do.

Other remedies: You can drink a cup of raw juice of beetroot twice everyday. This happens to be one of the best remedies for low blood pressure. Also having a strong coffee without milk can also aid you in managing low blood pressure. A mix of ground up almonds mixed with lukewarm milk and consumed is also known to help

Some Exercise: Try and put in some exercise daily to encourage the circulation of blood.