30 Amazing and Beautiful Rainbow Pictures

rainbow pictures

There is not a shadow of doubt that rainbows are associated with the positive feelings, power of diversity as well as creative energy. From the Greek Goddess Iris to the Rainbow Serpent of the Aborigines of Australia, the rainbow is widely looked at the tool of perception.As the article progresses, you will be informed about the science, magic and the mythology associated with the rainbow. It was Sir Isaac Newton who discovered that a rainbow is adorned by the seven colors it contains, namely: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

In the modern eras, people often believe that the rainbow has only six colors and does not include the Indigo which is the tertiary color. Except Indigo, every other found in the rainbow is either primary or secondary. Many then question as to why Indigo is then part of the rainbow. Others answer that perhaps Newton had a good reason for including it in the system.

There are two phenomena associated with the formation of a rainbow system. One is that is caused by the appearance of the arc in the sky while the other is that it is nothing else but only a division of white light by the prism. In reality both assumptions are basically a result of the perspective one many carry in his mind. White light is also known as visible light and is believed to contain some particles of energy which express themselves in a cyclical motion generally forming waves. Prism on the other hand is a geometrical class object and triangular in shape. Up in the sky, the prism is replaced by a drop of water which is similar in shape of a prism and also triangular. The drop of water falling from the sky during rain contain in themselves the power to separate light by the scientific process of defraction.

As a result, the white light is then separated into a variety of colors as per the frequency of the waves. Also one must keep in mind that the energy present in the white light is only a fraction of that which is present across the universe.

To the human eye, rainbows are purifying and truly a blessing. Some believe that it brings bad luck if you point at a rainbow or perhaps it is only a taboo. Weathers are largely associated with moods and after the rain, the view of a beautiful rainbow truly refreshes the mind of an individual as if giving them a new hope and the sign of a new beginning.

Rainbows that appear over a waterfall are actually more refreshing. Imagine yourself at a beach on a rainy day and the rainbow appears. There is no better feeling than just standing and taking in the beauty demonstrated and created by the Omnipotent. If the rain makes you feel gloomy and sad, all you need to do is find yourself a rainbow up there and it will brighten your day almost instantly.

Other facts that are associated with a rainbow include the belief that the end of a rainbow usually points towards something and brings good luck. People also believe that it often points towards a pot of gold which is perhaps invisible to the human eye.

It is better to keep all the superstitions at bay and enjoy the beautiful view cast by a rainbow which is just the thing you need to light up your gloomy days. When the rain is about to come, prepare yourself and children to watch out for a rainbow, it may be rare but when it shows it is nothing but pure happiness. Following are some amazing and beautiful rainbow pictures;

Amazing and Beautiful Rainbow Pictures