9 Natural Ways to Reduce High Blood Pressure

natural ways to reduce high blood pressure

Nowadays due to irregular lifestyles high blood pressure has become a common problem among us. Actually hypertension is another cause for the increase of your blood pressure levels. But the main thing is that high blood pressure should never be ignored as it can lead to many hazardous diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure, cognitive decline as well as death. The most awkward thing of high blood pressure is that it will hardly show any symptoms. So, it is your duty to check the blood pressure level regularly in a particular interval. Actually there is nothing to worry about high blood pressure presently because it has lot of medication process and a lot of natural ways to control it. There are many natural ways to reduce high blood pressure by which you can control your level of blood pressure but here we have classified the points into two categories ‘Dietary measures’ and ‘Lifestyle measures’.

Natural Ways to Reduce High Blood Pressure

Dietary Measures:

1. Salt Intake:

Salt contains sodium in it which is responsible for increasing blood pressure level in a human body. The maximum amount of salt you should consume in a day is about 1500 mg. In case of ready-made foods available in the market see the label that it is marked as ‘Unsalted’ or ’Low Sodium Salt’.

2. Caffeine Intake:

If you take a lot of caffeine daily then immediately reduces it to 300mg per day. Do you know that drinking two cups of coffee daily increases your blood pressure level? You already know that caffeine serves as a nervous system stimulant so drinking a large amount of caffeine content increases your increases your heart beat leading in increase of blood pressure level.

3. Alcohol and Drugs:

Over consumption of alcohol damages your liver and kidney resulting in creation of fluid in your body. This fluid results in increase of heart beat rate. Some certain drugs also increase the sodium intake in your body resulting in high blood pressure.

4. Drink Tea:

Drinking tea can help you in this matter. Actually you have 3-4 cups of tea daily to reduce your blood pressure level. You can also try out hibiscus tea to get some better results.

5. Fiber Intake:

Intake of fiber helps in boosting digestion in our body. Actually it increases the metabolic rate which reduces the blood pressure level. Fruits, nuts, leafy green vegetables, whole grain foods contain a lot of fibers. So you can choose these substances in your diet.

Lifestyle Measures:

1. Avoid Stress:

In this present generation people suffer from a lot of stress due to irregular lifestyle and over working. This high stress results in the increase of high blood pressure level. Have sufficient rest and balanced diet. Maintain a regular routine for your work. There are many alternative therapies which can help you out.

2. Hot Water Bath:

Hot water bath is very effective for your health in many ways. Regularly take a hot water bath for 15-20 minutes. Before sleeping at night you can take a hot water bath which will help you to have a sound sleep. Actually hot water bath relaxes our whole body resulting in the control of high blood pressure.

3. Walking:

Start walking at morning regularly. No need to say that walking is a very effective exercise for our whole body. Walk for 30 minutes every day it will refresh your body and soul. It keeps your cardio vascular system active and healthy.

4. Deep Breathing:

Lastly deep breathing is a very effective way to sort out high blood pressure level. Make a schedule for 10 minutes at morning and 10 minutes at night. Sit straight on a floor with folded legs now take a deep breathe inside in a relaxed way. Hold for some time and again release it slowly. Repeat the process for 10 minutes at morning and 10 minutes at night.