10 Home Remedies For Sunburn

Rub the area with potatoes: This may seem strange but potatoes are known to relieve pain. Just wash and cut into small pieces, blend it till they are in a liquid form.  Put this mixture gently on the area that has been burned. Wait for potatoes to dry and then shower. You can continue with this till the burn is cured.
Make use of cornstarch: Application of cornstarch on those areas that are not easy to reach will ensure that the chafing due to movement is reduced.
The use of topical anesthetic: This will ensure that the soreness and irritating itch is relieved for a while. Do try  and find out that suits you before proceeding
Consume a pain killer: You may take something  to relieve the pain and also reduced the inflammation. You need to remember that such drugs will cause some stomach upset so you need to take them after eating something.