11 Effective Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure

  • One other thing that such persons can do is consume about three glasses of tomato juice, making sure that there is no salt added on a daily basis to get relief from hypertension.
  • Another important thing to do is consume Omega 3 oils. These help in the regulation of high blood pressure. You will find Omega 3 oils in products like cod, salmon, mackerel and sardines.
  • Lose some weight and this will help you manage your blood pressure in a better way. It is in fact one of the best things to do in case you have problems with hypertension.
  • Regular exercise will aid in managing weight as well as in regulating blood pressure. You can either walk briskly for half an hour or make it a moderate pace for three quarters of an hour
  • Another thing is to manage stress and exercise especially some walking, weight training and aerobics will get the endorphins flowing and help you manage weight and deal with stress.
  • One more important thing that you can do is stop smoking; it is good for you at all levels.
  • In case you are on medication for managing High Blood Pressure then trying some of the home remedies that you try may not work well with the medications. A case in point is grapefruit.
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    • Grapefruit is supposed to have compounds that help in decreasing the rate at which the arteries harden and also helps in decreasing the risk of cancer. But in spite of all the good that grapefruit does it also tends to interact with some medicines and reduces their efficacy. Grapefruit is known to have an enzyme that will interrupt and hinder the absorption of medication into the small intestine thus making less effective or useless on the whole You may need to talk with your doctor about the prudence of having grapefruit and ask them what effect it will have on some medicines.