Impressive Food Photography Ideas That’ll Bring Water in Your Mouth

food photography

Katie Newborn is a creative photographer who was born and brought up in the Napa Valley which is home to a wide range of farms and wine makers. Newborn now has her own studio which is located in the warehouse in the Emeryville. Katie Newborn’s interests lie in working with her clients at the cool location of Bay Area. One of the best things one would find in Newborn’s photography is the fact that she ensures that the viewer gets the same experiences and feels the same way as she has felt. Moreover, Katie Newborn is a perfect example of how one can celebrate the personality of each individual along with the moments they hold closest to their hearts.

The quality of the photography is generally determined by the kind of feelings it fills the viewer with. Impressive food photography by Newborn is a perfect example of how subjects must be captured so as to make the viewer feel exactly what the photographer has felt while capturing the shot. From acts so simple such as kneading flour to a basic arrangement of food items, Newborn’s photographs makes you want it more. Furthermore, the quality and clarity that one comes across when looking at Newborn’s photography is one that is hard to match.

Photography from Different Angles

Another prominent feature of Katie Newborn’s captures are the different angles she has tried to experiment with and it is magnificent how each one of the angles chosen has done complete justice to not only the subject but also the skills of the photographer herself. A grapefruit cut into two is generally of no interest to a passerby but Newborn knows how to which angle to shoot from so as to enhance the quality of picture as well make the viewer want to grab the fruit right away.

Food Photography is Most Viewer Friendly

Landscapes or natural sceneries may not appeal to everyone but it is hardly possible that food photography does not appeal to the viewer. Everyone loves food. It is not necessarily about the items of food used in the picture but something as simple as the hotdog left open to view its components can appeal to everyone.

Moreover, it is also very helpful when one needs to get new ideas on how to present the meals they prepare perhaps for a party or other special occasions. The amazingly photographed food pictures can be seen below.

Impressive Food Photography Ideas That’ll Bring Water in Your Mouth