40 Awesome Eye Close Up Macro Photography of Human Eyes

eye close up

Macro photography is a very interesting subject or a part of photography. As the macro photography deals with close-ups and detailification of an object, the most important part of is its capturing sense. It needs a lot of expertise and ability to handle the instruments, lighting factors etc. Macro photography mainly catches the very tiny or small objects. It needs lot of modern photographic equipment’s to do macro photography. In the year 1899, W.H Walmsley first used this term Photo-macrograph. After wards Macro photography became very popular all over the world and now one of the most popular genres of photography. Technically, the photography which is a close-up of any object, usually a very small object in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size is known as macro photography.

Macro photography is done with the help of Macro lenses. This type of lens is specially designed for close-up photography. The structure of macro lens is slight a bit different from the normal lens. It is a long barrel type lens for close focusing and optimized in a way to reproduce high ratios. Modern day macro lenses are very developed and can also be used for normal photography also.

Macro photography of a human eye is a very interesting subject of course as eye is a very beautiful part of a human physiology. A lot of expressions can be expressed through a human eye. Again eye is a very integral part of a human face. Aesthetically eye is a very important subject of art may be its music, poems or a song. Eye plays a great role in creative creations. Even it is said that two human beings can talk with each other with eyes. So obviously having such beautiful characteristics eyes can be a great focus of macro photography. But think that have you ever seen a human eye in close-up form? No it’s impossible for us to do it without any instrument. So you should know that eye also have a beautiful close-up view which looks like handmade design. So to see an eye in close-up you have to take the help of macro photography.

Before going with macro photography you should keep in mind of some essential equipment’s and ideas you must have. First of all it is a macro lens, and if you don’t have a macro lens a close-up filter is a fine alternative, use natural lighting and avoid artificial lighting, focus manually and lastly you should have a lot of patience and speed.

Here we have collected some awesome eye close up macro photography of human eyes from various sources. We have noticed that the demands of human eye close-ups are increasing day by day. Maybe one can use these photographs as wallpapers or use these photographs as inspiration ideas for such photography. Whatever may be all the photographs in this collection below is going to serve you. You will also get some creative eye photography’s here. So start viewing the pictures below.

Awesome Eye Close Up Macro Photography of Human Eyes