Enhance The Eyesight Naturally – Do These Eye Exercises!

Some tips to enhance vision:

  • Avoid the use of tissues to wipe the glasses as this will cause the glass to be scratched as paper is essentially composed of wood. You can get special eye glass cleaning tissues or make use of silk to wipe the glasses.
  • Get enough sleep is another thing that is vital for good vision, Though one may have puffy eyes or dark circles as these are inherited, lack of sleep also plays a role in keeping these in check
  • Though glasses that are polarized do help in cutting down the glare, they also tend to make viewing difficult on mobile phones and LCD
  • .Though people know the harm that Ultra Violet radiation can cause to the skin, they do not know that it is also not good for eyes. You need to wear sunglasses that are big. This will ensure that sunlight does not get in from any direction. If possible go for wraparound style of glasses.
  • People are bought up on the belief that carrots are great for the eye, But actually there are many other foods that benefit the eye more like Kale, spinach and other leafy vegetables that are dark
  • While using eye drops, refrigerate them for a while to reduce the sting.
  • The myth that reading is low lights is harmful to the eyes is just that. It may cause you to get a headache
  • Remove contacts before you go to sleep to keep away eye infections.
  • Go for regular eye checkups every year for preventive care
  • Drink plenty of water as lack of water could exaggerate some of the eye problems
  • Application of cucumber slices on eyes will help relieve some of the soreness and tiredness.

As you can see these are some really simple exercises and tips that when followed diligently will definitely help you improve your vision in the long run.