Enhance The Eyesight Naturally – Do These Eye Exercises!

Some eye training exercise

Exercise 1:

  • Rotate the eyes in clockwise direction very slowly twice
  • Rotate the eyes in anti-clock wise direction two times. In the gap between blink the eyes
  • Continue with 3-4 times

Exercise 2:

  • Gaze upon some object close to you like a pencil or pen that you need to hold 6 inches distance from the eyes
  • Now let the eyes gaze upon anything that is a little far away. Keep moving the focus from the nearby thing to the far off thing for 10 seconds at a stretch

Exercise 3:

  • Hold the arm up frontwards and put your thump upwards
  • Start moving your thumb slowly towards the face all the while ensuring that your eyes are on the thumb till such time you are no longer able to focus on it,
  • Do this exercise at  4-5 times

Once you do these exercises on a daily basis, the difference in the eyesight will start becoming really obvious. It is also vital that you add further care along with these eye exercises in the way of a good supplement.