25 Stunning Bamboo House Designs and Ideas

bamboo house

The modern technology had made it possible for the common man to think beyond the limits. The infrastructure facilities had improved to large extent and had come up with some great changes to the construction of art forms. Bamboo house designs are growing popular these days. The house made up of natural bamboo is of high aesthetic value. Bamboo is also environment friendly and helps in maintaining the natural balance in the surroundings. It is a good idea to choose for Bamboo house designs for your house too, if you are going for construction again.

China is one of the largest countries to encourage Bamboo development and cultivation. Most of the houses there are made up of bamboo material. This is a great effort towards the prevention of global warming through green culture. Bamboo house are earthquake resistant. Though, the bamboo house reflects the poverty, but the bamboo houses can be made beautiful with proper design.

Stunning Bamboo House Designs and Ideas

Stages to Design a Bamboo House

  • Before going for construction of bamboo house, you need to be prepared for its preservation in advance. This can be done by integrating the correct chemical substances with the bamboo. You can even get the preserved bamboo from different stores near your locality.
  • You should choose differently sized bamboo for different purposes. This will also beautify your house.
  • You must choose the paint color according to natural color of bamboo. Go for natural invisible links.

The bamboo house design is one of the most opted designs. People are going for this design because of its natural look. More importantly, you can buy it at a really low price. It is the natural material that replaces the house concretes with bamboo. The bamboo house design is resistant to the earthquakes that offer the advantage to people using bamboo.

Disadvantages associated with Bamboo House

Some of the major disadvantages associated with bamboo house design are:

  • The bamboo material has limited durability.
  • The bamboo powder in bamboo are favored by termites that weakens the bamboo.
  • The quality of bamboo degrades with cutting, drying, and maintenance work.

Basic methods of preservation of Bamboo

Here are the two common methods that are used for preservation of bamboo:

  • The traditional method to preserve the bamboo wood is to soak the bamboos in water or mud.
  • The modern method for preservation of bamboo includes use of chemical preservatives. The liquid chemicals are absorbed by the bamboo pores and this liquid flows continuously in bamboo structure for hours till it dries.

After using one of the above two methods, the bamboo is made ready to be used for the construction of the house.