30 Creative and Clever Anti Smoking Ads for Your Inspiration

anti smoking ads

God gives life to the people and some of them are making it ill and sick so as to reach end point. Everybody knows that smoking kills and even then many of people are addicted to it. News channels daily showing that how many of people died or suffering from lung problem, even the worst condition is that, when it comes to know that a young boy has cancer. Now, in order to stop them all, anti smoking ads are one of the best method so as to spread the awareness widely. Creative and clever anti-smoking ads can change the mind of addicted person.

Creative and Clever Anti Smoking Ads for Your Inspiration

In United States, use of tobacco responsible for more than 400,000 deaths and thousands of them were youngsters. Now, the question arises that how to make an impactful motivation in people so that they swear not to touch tobacco ever in life. Anti-smoking ads can reduce the smoking rates of people.

Why there is need of anti-smoking ads:

On a cigarette packet, company already had written that “smoking is injurious to health”, but even then smokers don’t pay attention to it. But the reality is while burning a cigarette smoker should have to know that he/she is burning lungs also. This awareness of losing life and having ill body can be spread through an anti-smoking ad.

Sometimes, a government also decided to run a campaign for smokers to let them know the bad effect of smoking.

How anti-smoking ads works:

Basically, in television and newspaper, anti smoking ads can be seen easily and graphics works here. Graphic designers do cleverly their job in effective way and when anyone looks at the ad, he/she realize that it’s not good to be a smoker. In order to make an huge successful ad, creativeness is responsible for that. The main intention and message is to hit the viewer’s heart and feelings to let him/her realize that smoking is not making him/her sick only but also spreading bad effect on family also.

In some ads, children are also used, that a girl is smoking while sitting on sofa, because she learnt this from her father. So when a man (if he is a father) sees that kind of ads, definitely he realizes his mistake and therefore, he may decide not to smoke again in life.

Youngsters are drastically addicted to tobacco, especially to cigarette; they don’t have any idea what would be the consequences. All they know is that smoking is status symbol and comes in their attitude format in friend circle. But consistently, as smoke goes to lungs so meanwhile they are making their young lungs ill and sick. Here, they need an impactful motivation and in anti smoking ad if they found the worse effect of smoking in ads.

How to make an ad more effective:

A specific anti smoking ad must be a direct hit! It must be designed in such a way that viewer’s mind cause him/her not to smoke again. And here the media could be a great option for giving a platform to particular ad. And either its governmental or non-governmental organisation, one should have first go for survey publicly. And the motivation and emotional touch can make an ad more effective. The promotion of ad must be at broad level which will show the disadvantages of smoking.

However, on public places an ad can be seen easily, like on hording board and the posters also used here. As technology and internet is now a super power for everyone and most of times people spend their time here. Graphic designers can get the more ideas from internet as there are plenty of professionals. By viewing these anti smoking ads, one could change his/her life.