10 Ways to Treat Dry Skin around Eyes

Many people suffer from dry skin around their eyes. Actually it can be caused by many reasons. Such as dermatological problems, using harsh chemicals, climate change, skin stress etc. But among the all dermatological problem is the most common cause. Dermatological problems like Eczema, Blepharitis, Sunburn Injury and Perioral Dermatitis are the main causes for dry skin around eyes. If you are facing such a problem no need to worry about as there are several types of treatment related to it. But here we will suggest you try some natural remedies at home for better result as the drug based treatment can be costlier and it can side effects in skin and body. So before trying out that you should try some natural remedies at home. Surely you will get awesome results. Read out about some home remedies to get cured.

Ways to Treat Your Dry Skin around Eyes:

Hydrate your body: You should always try to keep your body hydrated as it is one of the main causes of dehydration that you will face dry skin. So drink enough water regularly that will keep your body and skin function active and will protect you from dry skin.
Woman Drinking Water
Avoid harsh Make-ups: After spotting dry skin around your eyes tries to avoid harsh make-ups specially eye liners, mascara etc. If doing a make-up is quiet essential then try out anti-allergic brands recommended by the dermatologists and Ophthalmologists.
way to treat your dry skin around eyes2
Try out food rich in Anti-oxidants: Eat a lot of anti inflammatory foods which are rich in anti-oxidants. Actually food with anti-oxidants gives some stress relief to the skin and it is one of the main weapons to fight against dry skin around eyes. Green vegetables and fruits are excellent example of such foods.
way to treat your dry skin around eyes3
Natural Vitamin Supplements: Take a lot of natural vitamin supplements like Vitamin E, fish oil, Omega 3 fatty acid. Vitamin E works very well for any type of Skin problems. And fish oil can be eaten or externally applied on the dry skin portion.
way to treat your dry skin around eyes4
Try out some Super Foods: Here top five super foods are mentioned which are identified by WebMD. Plain Yogurt, kiwi, Nuts, Quinoa and Eggs. These five foods work like a miracle for dry skin treatment.
way to treat your dry skin around eyes5
Avoid Sunburn: Typical sunburn causes dry skin around. So always try to avoid sunburn. Don’t go in direct sunlight between 10am to 4pm as the ray emitted within this time is quiet harmful for the skin. In summer seasons, have cold water bath and apply aloevera in the dry skin areas.
Treatment in case of Eczema: Incase when you are sure that you are suffering from Eczema, try out applying organic coconut oil. Or you can also spray Sea water. If possible have a bath Epsom salt. Eat a lot of Probiotic Foods like butter milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, kimchi etc.
way to treat your dry skin around eyes7
Treatment for Blepharitis: If you are suffering from Blephartis then have a lot of turmeric and ginger. You can apply coconut oil, castor oil and tea tree oil externally to get good results.
way to treat your dry skin around eyes8
Avoidance in case of Perioral Dermatitis: Avoid facial cleanser and scented soap in case you are sure about Perioral Dermatitis. Wash your face with only warm water and stop using make-ups, face creams and sunscreen lotions.
way to treat your dry skin around eyes9
External Remedies: You can use moisturizer to get rid from dry skin. Apply the moisturizer gently around your eyes with a light touch of your fingers. If possible make your own moisturizer at home. Combine honey, butter milk, avocado, olive oil, egg yolk and sweet almond oil to make a natural moisturizer at home.
way to treat your dry skin around eyes10