10 Ways to Stop Kids Nail Biting

Nail Biting is a subconscious habit prevailing mostly among the children. In some rare cases it is seen that adult humans both male and female suffers from this bad habit. Actually Nail biting if not tackled in the early stages of life can prevail till the old age. If your child has this bad habit try to tackle it from now otherwise it will lead to a dangerous situation. Sometimes over nail biting can even cause bleeding from the fingers. Actually it is a psychological disorder so need to worry about this habit. Start treating it from today. Some remedies are discussed below. So follow it step by step and surely you will be getting some good results.

Ways to Stop Kids Nail Biting

Try to treat it earlier: Treat your child for nail biting at their very young age. If you are noticing that your child is suffering from nail biting you will have to take the responsibility to make your child get rid of this bad habit. So don’t be late.
Ways to stop kids nail biting1
Keep the hands engaged: Try to keep the hands engaged in some activities during free time. Like playing video games or typing on computer etc. Most of the children bite their nails when they have nothing to do.
boy playing video game 1
Follow the situations: Try to follow the situations and timing when your child starts biting nails. If possible note down the timings. It may be when your child is in phobia or when your child is watching television. Even they can bite nails while studying. So you have to keep proper observation of this matter. Whenever you see them biting just warn them not to bite.
Ways to stop kids nail biting2
Avoid scolding them: As this is a psychological disorder and they are not doing it intentionally. So never scold them. Scolding a child in this matter will never solve the problem. In fact they can get more affected psychologically. So scolding or beating should be avoided.
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Try to aware them: Sit with your child and make them understand the harmful effects of biting nails. If you can take them to the point they will surely understand the effects. From next time they will be self cautious.
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Use something bitter: Apply something bitter on the fingers and nails regularly. You will see that whenever they put their fingers in mouth they will immediately take it out. This works like a miracle and slowly they will get rid of this bad habit. There are also some lotions available in the market with bad taste. You can also use these lotions to apply.
Ways to stop kids nail biting6
Cut the nails: Cut the nails regularly to avoid nail biting. If the nails get bigger they will surely start biting it to make it in shape. Also cut the nails in a good shape. If there are rough edges in the nails it will make them bite to make it in a good shape.
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Increase Calcium Intake: Sometimes children catch nail biting habit due to lack of calcium in their body. If you get to know that your child is suffering from calcium deficiency, then provide them with foods that are rich in calcium. This will obviously workout.
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Use artificial Nails: You can use artificial nails for your child. If you get an artificial nail of proper size then try to use it. As the artificial nails are hard to bite slowly it will lead to stop the bad habit of nail biting.
Ways to stop kids nail biting9
Psychological Therapy: In some serious conditions you might take the help of psychiatrist or a counselor. But keep in mind that it is a matter of children so consult with some reputed practitioners only. But try this solution at last if all the above measures don’t work out.
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