Want To Know Which Foods Are Bad For The Brain?

Food for brains
Many a time you may be admonished about putting junk into your body as this will make the body unhealthy and become like junk. While this is absolutely true, what is also true is that what we consume will affect not only the organs in our body like the heart, liver, kidneys etc, it also affects the brain. The brain needs the right kind of food to work well. It has been discovered that a diet consisting of raw and natural food forms helps the brain work better.
Here is a list of food that is not good for your brain:

  • Fast or fatty kind of foods: We all know that such food is not at all good for us. But now you have another reason to avoid them. Studies have shown that foods that are high in fat tend to damage the Hypothalamus area of the brain. This is that part of the brain where hormones that govern thirst, hunger, sleep and other cycles of the body are produced naturally. Studies where mice and rat in laboratories where fed a diet that consisted of the kind of fast food that most people tend to eat mindlessly showed that their Hypothalamus got inflamed within 24 hours. This inflammation took almost 8 months to get repaired. Other studies also point out that consumption of fast food will result in shrinkage of brain. This in turn can cause Alzheimer’s. It was acknowledged that the damage was a result of Trans fats.

Brain foods

  • Foods that are high in salt: We know that foods with a lot of salt are not good for Hypertension and the heart. But what we did not know is that they are not good for the brain either.  A study that consisted of around 1200 participants showed that  people who ate moderate amount of salt and worked out regularly were better at cognitive tests than those who went the opposite way.

Food for brain

  • Foods that are processed: Foods that are full of additives like colors, preservatives and other things have been linked to the behavior and cognitive functioning of kids. It has been observed in a study that preservatives, additive and coloring, especially a preservative called “benzoate” consumed regularly cause increase in hyperactivity. There are many things that come under this category of additives like MSG, which is used to increase the flavor of food. These are known to damage the brain nerve cells and also create behavior that is similar to seizures in smaller kids.