Want To Lose Weight? Find Out How Much Green Tea To Drink To Do That

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If you are from the southern areas of the USA then you know that sweet tea is a drink that people drink regularly. Today it is widely known that tea is supposed to be good for you because it has many good qualities as well as nutrients that will make you healthy. But the fact is green tea is known to have really a high amount of advantages. It has been shown that an active component called EGCG or “epigallocatechin gallate” is good for treating brain cancer, bladder cancer, cancer of the cervix and the prostate.

This almost magical antioxidant has been good for treating conditions like sjorgen’s syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, spinal muscular atrophy, endometriosis, human immunodeficiency and neuro-degeneration. In this case we are talking about the weight loss help that green tea can provide, so let us take a look at that aspect of green tea:

It has been proven that the EGCG in green tea can:

  • Rev up the metabolic rate and oxidation of fat
  • Can inhibit fat cell development
  • Increase the rate at which fat is excreted.
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After reading the above point, you may be wondering how much green tea you should be drinking in order to have enough ECGC to start losing weight.

Here We Will Tell You The Benefits That You Can Get Based On The Number Of Cups You Consume Daily:


A single cup of green tea: If you are able to drop a single one of your regular drinks like a soft drink or non fat latte with one cup of tea and you can cut down on 150 calories daily. This means you will end up losing a pound of body fat in six months according to some research. Also enjoy the benefit of better insulin control by stabilizing sugar levels. You will need to combine this with some physical activity at least thrice a week. By improving your glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, you will also help the body use energy better, which in turn will help you become slimmer and maintain a healthier weight.

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Two cups green tea: This will boost the metabolism and ensure that the correct levels of minerals like selenium, zinc, manganese and chromium which are important to the body are provided. It also prolongs norepinephrine which is a hormone that accelerates fat burning. Another thing that green tea does is keep you more alert as it has a substance called theanine which is an amino acid. But the thing is that unlike caffeine, theanine will keep you alert without becoming jittery. Theanine also helps in correcting body and mind correct the behaviour like better learning, memory, control mood, sleep and appetite

What is more studies have shown that half an hour after having a couple of cups of green tea, the endothelia cells that are in the lining of your circulatory system dilate making veins and arteries relax. This makes the blood flow properly and helps in assimilating nutrients.


Three Cups of Green Tea: This will help you lose as much as 11 pounds when you drink three cups of green tea with low fat milk. This helps in burning 106 calories on a daily basis when you do this continuously for three day. Continuing this for a whole year can result in losing 11 pounds of body fat. When you combine three cups of green tea with a bit of exercise, it also helps in losing fat in the abdominal area. The results will start to show three months after you start doing this, though the burning of fat starts even as soon as the third day of your exercising.

What is more the ECGC is the green tea, will blast a lot more body fat when you do cardio workouts for moderate intensity. The fat burning goes up by 17% during half an hour cycling test when the ECGC is consumed to the extent of 366 milligrams. What is more this whole thing of doing strength training and drinking green tea will also make the bones stronger. Research points to contents of green tea increasing bone density.


Some cautions: Green tea is good for most grownups. But the thing is that drinking more than 5 cups of green tea daily will result in many symptoms. These could include vomiting, loose motions, insomnia, irritability, irregular heartbeat, tremors, dizziness, heartburn, convulsions, confusion and ringing in the ears. This could also happen when you have too much caffeine. Sometimes, green tea can also upset the tummy or cause constipation. It could also interfere with some medications. Do talk your healthcare professional before you make green tea part of your daily diet in case you are taking any medication or are lactating or in case you are pregnant. But this article will definitely tell you that drinking green tea does have many benefits.