Use These High Protein Meal Recipes To Lose Weight

When you are on a diet where you watching for any extra calories and keeping things generally lean, the addition of protein to the meal may no seem like such an easy thing to do. But you have to remember that protein is essential for the maintenance of healthy muscles, for strength training and also for keeping the blood sugar and energy levels on a stable plateau for the entire day. That is why given here are some tasty, nutritious and easy to make protein rich recipes. You will find that these will keep you full by offering more protein and that too without compromising on nutrition or adding calories and fat.
shrimp with quinoa

Shrimp Paella with Quinoa base: Rice is the thing that adds starch, carbohydrates to your Paella. Simply substitute rice with Quinoa and this results in increased proteins and complex carbohydrate which take longer to get digested and this would mean you will not feel hungry for a longer time. Plus add Shrimp to this dish to up the protein factor.

chicken with greek yogurt

Blackened breast of chicken breast served with Greek yogurt avocado puree and Lime cilantro quinoa: Greek yogurt is both tasty and healthy and when served in this combination will really prove to be an excellent source of protein. All the items that is the quinoa, chicken and Greek yogurt have plenty of protein and the cilantro and lime add to the taste and nutrition value.


Slow cooker soup of fiesta chicken: This is a one pot meal as it also has kidney beans and black beans which are rich in protein and added to this lean chicken breast will make it even more protein rich not to mention filling. This is a soup that will feel great on cold days when nothing but a warm bowl of something sustaining will do to make you feel better.

quinoa burgers

Burgers made of quinoa and lentils: This is one of the best ways to add a punch of proteins to a vegetarian burger. Just add quinoa and lentils to pack that protein filled punch along with a texture that is great. You will find that this burger is liked even by your meat loving friends.

chickpeas tacos

Tacos made of chickpeas: This may seem like too odd an idea to you as no one thinks of putting chickpeas in tacos but when you take your first bite, you will find the nutty and rich texture that this gives pretty addictive. It is good to have a protein rich alternative for your lunch and that too a vegetarian one.

indian stew

Indian slow cooker stew: Indian cooking is famous for having dishes that are high in protein and also fully vegetarian. They use legumes which are protein rich and that too of the lean kind. Add three types of legumes along with assorted vegetables along with spices in a slow cooker and let this dish cook on a slow heat till the flavors call out to you.

Momma's roadhouse chili
Momma’s roadhouse chili made in a slow cooker: Add two types of beans to ground turkey for a protein laden dish without that much fat. It is also high in fiber and you will find eating this to be a lot of fun.
sockeyed salmon 2
Sockeye salmon blackened: This food is considered a super food as it has omega 3 fatty acids and is also high in proteins. Simply sear salmon fillets on the pan and have this dish with some vegetables for a complete dish.
chicken salad

Chicken salad: This protein rich chicken salad can be eaten by stuffing it in a pita bread but you can also consume it just as a salad or even put it in a wrap to make for a nice lunch.

meaty roll ups

Meaty vegetable rollups that are Paleo friendly: These rolled up snacks have a lot of protein and that too with a low count of calories. A small helping should fill you and keep you going for a long time. The best part is they are pretty easy to put together; just use deli meat that is not processed to make them for a better balance.

chicken chile with pine apple
Chicken chili with green chile and pineapple: This one is chili with a twist with pineapples along with spices and garlic to add more zing, flavor and taste. Along with this are protein laden black beans and chicken.
mahi mahi with macademia
Mahi Mahi with macadamia crust: The lovely macadamia nuts give the exotic Mahi Mahi a lift and also results in combining two sources having protein. You will find that whosoever eats this dish will love it as it is delicious and very filling.
cuban black bean burgers 2

Black bean burgers Cuban style: This lovely cuisine that has Caribbean flavors is not something to be missed. Especially when it is a vegetarian burger that has brown rice and black beans that will keep you feeling fuller with fiber and protein.

fish whole grain wrap

Fish and veggie whole grain wrap: This uses Mahi Mahi again due to the fact that it is light but full of protein factor. Add to this a lot of vegetables and you will want to make, serve and eat this meal again and again.