Types of Severe Stomach Pain in Adults: Causes and Treatments

Abdominal pain can be described as the pain you feel from below the ribs up to your pelvis. This could be caused by several factors, some of which could be conditions like pregnancy related problems or appendicitis. In such case the help of a healthcare professional should be immediately sought.
Severe Stomach Pain
However in most cases, people having  severe stomach pain only need relief from the pain. But there are some instances when you should be quick about seeking the help of a doctor, these include:

  • When the pain is really severe and lasts for several hours
  • When the pain is followed by vaginal bleeding in case you are pregnant
  • The pain is in your scrotum(for males)
  • The pain is accompanied by nausea and difficulty in breathing
  • Vomiting blood or blood in the motions or in the urine
  • The pain spreads to neck, shoulder and chest
  • Is accompanied by fever and leaves you pale and clammy
  • Inability to move bowels or obstruction in passing gas

The type of abdominal pain can be of various types, like:

  • Sharp or dull or cramps like or a twisting kind of pain
  • Be a small pang or come in waves or be a continuous one
  • The kind that comes along with nausea
  • The kind that needs you to keep adjusting from one position to another

 Causes of Severe Stomach Pain: The reason behind a abdominal pain could be due to various problems. People are often concerned about gallstones, infections, appendicitis or problems associated with pregnancy.  Doctors also pin down the causes to other problems. Sometime the pain may not be from the abdomen and could be other things like pneumonia, heart problem or to do with the pelvic area. It could also be due to rashes or a strain on the stomach muscles. Sometimes the pain could be related to bowel movements or urinary problems or problems related to menstruation.
It is a vast area with many organs there and this makes it difficult for doctors to pin down the actual cause. Often the patients are questioned and examined extensively. If the cause is not that serious then further tests are not required. And sometimes though the doctor cannot find the cause the pain may reduce by itself.