5 Types of Belly Fat and How to Reduce Them

Many of times we think that why do some people are having body structure that every dress suits on them. Is this some inherited character or something else. A healthy outlook is the key reason for a suitable outfit. A healthy body depends upon the consumption of the healthy food which  is easy for the digestive system. So the selection of the right kind of food is necessary. As we know that fats are necessary for the body but regular consumption of too many of the calories and lack of physical activity cause the deposition of fat near the abdominal area and becomes a big reason to worry.
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1. SPARE TIRE TUMMY: People with a quite motionless sedentary life and an office job that requires to be on your chair for the whole day, so probably the chances to have the most common spare tire tummy increases. The main cause is eating the food which is not suitable for the digestion as well as body and not to exercising enough. Therefore it is the easiest tummy type when it comes to reducing the belly fat.
spare tire tummyREDUCE BELLY FAT OF SPARE TIRE TUMMY: You are the main selectors for this type of tummy because it depends upon the individual about the kind of selection of food as according to the daily schedule. But still without leaving the taste there is another way to reduce this type of tummy and that is to add regular exercise in your daily schedule. If here comes the problem for selection for the right diet. Avoid Biscuits, cakes, and white bread pasta and rice as they contain sugar and refined carbohydrates. Reduce alcohol consumption. You can drink occasionally but daily consumption or 3-4 times a week may create a problem. Avoid diet snacks as they are made with chemicals and refined sugars and lots of artificial flavors. Select your exercise as according to the size of the tummy shape. A regular little dancing or aerobics will be enough if the size is small but a regular walking. Some yoga and exercise becomes necessary if you are having an increasing tummy shape.