Some Tricks That Will Make Exercise More Interesting

When it comes to sticking to a fitness program, you will find that there are many hurdles in the way including your daily life, your work, your family and other things. But does this mean that you give up your fitness plans? Not at all, just try some of these tricks to ensure success. These will help make things easier when it comes to fitness and ensure that you are motivated to work out.

sleeping in workout clothes

Sleeping in your workout clothes: This will cut down one step when you want to work out in the morning. You will find that the time saved will come in handy when you have many other tasks to attend to in the morning.

climbing stairs

Avoid the elevator: You can make it a habit to use the stairs as a means of getting some exercise during a busy day. This can be a good way to burn some calories.

gym things 2

Keep gym things handy in your vehicle: Having your workout clothing handy will keep you motivated not to mention being more convenient when it comes to rushing to the gym for a workout.

Listen to an interesting book: As you get into your workout, having a good book playing in the ears will keep you on the straight and narrow.

fitness apps

Use apps for fitness: These apps will make your workouts more interesting by adding game elements to them and making your workout statistics known on social networking sites.

Use Jog .FM: This is an app that will ensure that the beat of your music matches that of your pace to make you go at it.

Make a timetable and stick to it: Writing down what you are going to do and checking it off will help you get started on an exercise plan.


Add to your workout: By simply adding a few minutes at a time to the time you spend walking or jogging will bulk up your workout.

Keep talking when you jog: This not only keeps interesting but will also regulate your breathing when you workout.

drinking water 2

Have more water: Many a time keeping exercise and other fatigue away is as simple as drinking more water to keep your body hydrated.

Relate fitness to all things: If you start thinking on these lines, most of the things you do will have a fitness element to it and will add up to a lot in the long run.

music during exercise

Ensure that the music list matches workout time: When you do this, the length of the music will tell you how much you have worked out

Pick a gym nearer home: When you do this, the place of workout is within reach and makes sure you have no excuse to miss workouts.

cleaning the house

Start cleaning the house: This can be a very useful and effective workout when you add touches like dancing or squatting to this. It will mean that your home is cleaner and you are also fitter.

Make water more delicious: Treat yourself to flavored water which is icy cold by adding pieces of frozen fruit to the water you carry when you go out to work out adding pleasant memories to working out.

Wrap phone well: This will mean that you have no exercise to go out while it rains as your phone is well protected. This will make sure that you go out in bad weather conditions.

new shoes 2

Keep rewarding yourself: When you achieve a certain level of fitness or adhere to some schedule of exercise, treat yourself to something like an outfit for working out or some shoes or something else that is related and will keep you going.