The Best Yoga Exercises Recommended For Women

Pelican Hill Marie Friedlander yoga instructorYoga for women

Yoga has many benefits as it is a complete body, mind and breath controlling workout. As a woman you will definitely benefit from the practice of yoga regularly. Especially as women today have lesser time for themselves but really have the need for complete workouts.

The first thing that yoga does is increase the level of immunity in the body, thus fortifying it to fight against infections and sickness on the whole.

The next thing that Yoga does is bring about regulation in the functioning of your internal body parts using proper breathing techniques, which means you can cope with things in a more balanced manner.

In case of pregnancy, yoga under supervision can bring about many benefits like coping with the symptoms of pregnancy and dealing with the process of giving birth.

Yoga for menopause

Yoga for Women experiencing menopause: Menopause is the phase where a woman’s menstruation comes to an end bringing with it the end of her ability to have children. This brings about many changes as hormones go through a lot of changes. Doing yoga and using the techniques taught in yoga can really help you cope. Some of the poses that are recommended for women undergoing menopause are:

  • Tadasana or the mountain pose that brings the body to a state where it is still and stable. It relaxes both body and mind bringing serenity.
  • The hands to feet position provides benefits that are similar to the Forward bend. Your spine becomes stronger and more flexible.
  • The warrior pose is yet another one that will bring more concentration and stamina as well as working on bringing relief to backaches which may occur during menopause
  • Other positions that are recommended include the Lotus yoga pose, the standing side stretch pose, the single leg raise, the cobra pose, the double legs raise, the seated forward bend and Shavasana.

Yoga for menstrual problems: A woman is bound to have a regular monthly menstrual cycle, which though natural causes some discomfort and pain to them with the onset of some symptoms. These include PMS,dysmenorrhea, cramps, pain, nausea and other symptoms. In terms of the psyche too women tend to go through some problems like mood changes, depression etc.