Take Care Of Your Back To Lead A Good Life

It has often been said that people who have a healthy back can have a good life as the health of your back can make things easier for you as you grow older. Taking care of the back is something that most people ignore until they start having problems with their back. The thing about the back is that it is an extremely complex part of the body that has muscles, tissue, bones and nerves that support the entire body. Which means that taking care of your back will ensure not only good posture but also overall good health?

back pain

What you need to do to ensure that your back and thereby your overall health does not suffer is to take some steps to keep the back healthy. The steps that are given here is not only good for the back, but also very good for your health on the whole.

reducing stress

First step should be to alleviate stress and stop smoking: You should know that smoking will reduce the oxygen supply to your body is reduced and this affects the healthiness of the muscles and bones which indirectly to back problems. Being stressed out will add to this condition and make the symptoms even worse. Once you learn to cut back on smoking and working on reducing stress, this will help your back.

sleeping posture

Get proper support for the back while sleeping: When you sleep, you will need to ensure that your back, your neck and your head are correctly aligned for which you need to use a pillow that support the neck and head.

sit tall

Walk, stand and sit tall and straight: The first thing is when you walk and stand straight, it will make you look taller and more confident. It goes without saying that having a good posture will help your back. You will need to stand with legs apart, knees bent a little, shoulders up and with the head centred on the shoulders and keeping your chin up. To sit correctly, ensure that your feet are flat on the floor, the spine is straight and the shoulders relaxed while your head is straight and supported by the shoulder and not the neck.


Work on strengthening your core: There has been research that has shown that the building up of core muscles in the lower and middle part of your back as well as the muscles in the stomach area will keep back pain away and in case you already have back pain, it will ease it. To strengthen the core you need to work on some exercises moderate resistance or weight training. Other types of exercise that you can try also include activities like walking, swimming, Pilates and other aerobic workouts with lower impact to ensure that the back is protected.

Instructor Taking Exercise Class At Gym

Lose some weight: Carrying around extra weight on the body can put a strain on the back and increase the stress to this part of the body. It would be beneficial on the whole, if you went on a sensible diet and exercise regimen to lose weight the healthy way. Do talk to your doctor about this to get it right.

stretching exercises

Work on stretching: Many of the activities that we do on a daily basis like simply walking around or even picking up a phone or even looking from one side to another would involve the neck and the back. To ensure that you have good mobility, it is a good idea to keep stretching during the course of the day. Also working on keeping the lower muscles of the leg limber to reduce strain on the lower back.

Lift with legs not the back: To lift properly, do ensure that your back does not take all the strain but the legs take a lot of it too. Be conscious when you are lifting to ensure that this happens.

good shoes

Shod your feet well: One of the keys to having a healthy back is by ensuring that your feet get the right support. So pick shoes that encourage a good posture and keep heels modest to protect the back.