8 Possible Reasons You are Still Feeling Hungry After Eating

Have you found that you are still feeling that gnaw of hunger even after you have had a complete meal? This is due to the fact that some foods tend to trick our body into believing that we are not full and make us feel a kind of rebound hunger that will end up creating weight problems for you.

Still Feeling Hungry After Eating?

feeling hungry 2

Do Not Despair, Make These Simple Changes And You Can See The Difference Within A Few Days:

feeling hungry sodas

Stop drinking too much soda: Drinks like sodas, sweetened teas and other beverages that are sweet have corn syrup that is high in fructose. According to some research form Yale university, when healthy adults were subject to MRI after having consumed such drinks, which have high fructose made the flow of blood slow and this affected the part of the brain that has a role in regulating appetite and this resulted in lower levels of appetites being satiated when compared to drinks that had glucose. Apparently fructose can mislead our brains into thinking that our body is hungry even when full. It affects leptin, which is the hormone that makes you feel satiated and tell you when you have had enough to eat.

feeling hungry canned foods

You have been eating canned food: Most foods sold in cans have BPA or bisphenol A which is a chemical that has been a cause of some worry with the Food and Drug Administration. Apparently exposure to BPA messes up with Leptin levels and makes you crave more food and leads to weight gain.

feeling hungry healthy breakfast

You did not have a breakfast that was large enough: It has been proven over a period of 4 years with a group of people that people who consumed only 300 calories for their breakfast or more likely to gain almost double the weight than those who ate 500 plus calories for their breakfast. A large breakfast ensures that your insulin and blood sugar rises in small amounts throughout the day, which keeps cravings for food at bay. The trick with a good breakfast is to add protein and this will keep hunger pangs at bay when compared to the times that you have with lesser proteins.


You are not eating enough greens: The fact is that most people are known to stay away from the leafy vegetables and these are the ones that are full of B vitamin folate which is essential and keeps away not only weight gain but also tiredness and depression. Dieters who manage to get higher levels of folate in their bodies will lose weight as much as 8.5 times faster as compared to those who don’t. Fill up on lettuce, collard greens, spinach, radicchio etc.

feeling hungry black tea

You don’t take a drink of tea: It has been found that folks who drink a cup of black tea after having carbohydrate laden mean feel full for a longer time and have lesser cravings. This is because blood sugar levels decreased by 10% for about two and half hours after you eat the meal and this is due to the polyphonolic compounds in black tea.

Woman Drinking Glass of Water

You are not getting enough liquids: Often you will find that dehydration seems like hunger pangs. If you find yourself feeling hungry even after a good meal, then have a glass of water before you grab something to eat and mostly you will not to eat more. In fact reaching for that water glass during your meals will help in cutting down calories and this in turn helps weight loss. Studies have shown that dieters who drank water before eating over the course of one and half months lost 5 pounds more than who did not do this.

feeling hungry boredom eating

You are eating out of boredom: Research has shown that distractions in the visual form can divert you from your longings. Just imagine a huge portion of your favorite food and in case you are really hungry, this will appeal but if it does not, then all you need is to get busy.


The cereal you have leaves you not satiated: If your breakfast of cereal does not leave you full, then it is better if you go for oatmeal instead. This has been proven by a study where people who ate oatmeal when compared to cereal felt fuller. This could be due to the viscosity in oatmeal and also due to the soluble fiber that oats have when compared to cereals.