How to Stay Healthy and Motivated if you are running after 50’s

As you grow old, the parts of your body also become weak and they are not healthy as it was in your twenties. So when you are in your fifties, you will face a lot of hurdles in your body. As the bones, muscles, nerves become weak so they can’t function in an active manner. It may be possible that when you will make an attempt to run after the age of fifty you will be exhausted and tired very soon and if you get any wound it will take a lot of time to heal. But no need to worry about it as there are some options for you to keep yourself healthy and motivated even at that age. You can run smoothly and without any such hesitations. All you need to do is that a lot of workout in your free times.

Ways to Stay Healthy and Motivated while running after 50’s:

The changes you will notice after 50’s: Actually first you have to know the facts for which we humans become weak at such age. The main thing is that our natural body strength decreases. Actually it doesn’t start at that age of 50’s; actually it starts from the age after 30’s. Muscular strength of the body starts decreasing slowly and results in strength lapse. Various organs begins to get weak. Also at this time the ability to process oxygen in the body also decreases. This ability of producing oxygen is called VO2 max and according to medical study it states that the VO2 rate decreases by 1% in each decade. And that is why the old peoples get tired very quickly and face a lot of problems in inhaling oxygen at the time of running. So it will be much interesting and easy for peoples above 50’s to walk in a half and full marathon rather than running for a short distance. It doesn’t mean that if you can’t run in a speed so that you will also be unable to run for a long distance. Some people also can run just for enjoyment rather than competing.
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Try all types of workouts: To stay healthy and run healthy you need to try various types of workout. That is all you need is a diversification. Other than running practice you can try out some cross training. As cross training will keep you fit and body active in that sense. So besides running, to polish up the body you can try out cross training exercises.
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Some examples of perfect cross training exercises: Actually, it fully depends on the individual that what type of cross exercise they will like and prefer. Besides that you will also have to look out that whether your body is permitting it or not. Like you can try out cycling as it is a great workout for the downward portion of the body. Again to make great exercise for the whole body swimming is a good option. Weight training exercises are good for increasing overall strength of the body muscles and body metabolism. Yoga also has some fantastic health benefits. But the main thing is that you have to add some cross training exercises to your schedule other than just running.
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Taking adequate rest: At the age of 50’s, a human body needs particular amount of body rest. Suppose you practice running seven days a week so easily at this age you can give a day off and start working out six days. This can be very relaxing for your body. As you know that even a machine needs some rest after working for a long time. A human body is also like a machine. So after a major work out, human body also needs some rest and it is very essential.
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Always Stay Motivated: Motivation is a very essential thing at this age. Actually you will need a lot of motivation to stay into it. Actually for this you will have to find out the things that gets you motivated. Suppose going to work as a volunteer in a race makes some people get motivated. Again some gets motivated by watching races. Another great option is to participate in all the races whether big or small without the intention of winning it.
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So at last if you want to keep your body fit and healthy for a long time, then keep it in mind that running is great exercise for your whole body and also keeps you away from various diseases. So if you are willing to run just step out of your door without thinking anything anymore.