Six Exercises to Burn Back Fat

If you have put on a lot of fat in your back, of course it is not a comfortable one. Actually it will make you look very awkward. Your full body will go out of figure and you will face a lot of problematic situations in your daily life. If you wear tight fit clothes the farts will bulge out to make a nasty look. So if you are really feeling very irritated with it, I should say you that there are fabulous exercises that will help you to burn these extra fats. Also a lot of proper dieting will also workout but still exercises are the most effective one.There are many exercises that will take care of your back. So don’t wait and start doing exercises from today. Here are some fantastic exercises if you are really interested in it.

Exercises To burn Back Fats

Push-ups: This is a very common exercise and it works fantastically to remove your back fats. Lie upside down on a floor and slowly rise your body from the chest keeping the whole support on your both hands. Remember to keep your body straight. It is not as easy as it is sounding. So at first try to push up 10-15 times and slowly increase the number as you get in practice.
how to burn back fat1
Calf Stretch: Lie on a dog position. Now slowly stretch a single leg as straight as you can. Hold in that position for 20 seconds. Again return to the start position. Now repeat the same thing with opposite leg. Try this to 20 times daily.
how to burn back fat2
Back Extensions: This is a very powerful exercise if done properly. Lie upside down on the floor. Now put your both hands parallel to the body so that you can touch your hip. Slowly raise your chest and head above the ground as much as you can. Don’t force yourself. Try to hold in that position for 20 seconds. Again return to the rest position. This exercise can lead to slight muscle pain at first but it will be normal after some days of practice.
how to burn back fat3
The Bridge: This is also an all time recommendation by the fitness experts. Now lie on a floor straight and keep the two hands straight facing the palms on ground. Now slowly raise the buttocks on air keeping the whole support on hand and feet. It will look like a bridge. Hold in that position for 20 seconds and repeat the same for 10 times.
how to burn back fat4
Sit ups: This is the easiest exercise till now. You can do this even while gossiping with some body. Lie flat on a floor facing towards the ceiling. Now put your hands behind your head. Slowly raise your upper body from the waist and return to the resting position. Repeat the process for 20 times. It works out rapidly.
how to burn back fat5
Triceps Dip: A very essential exercise to remove back fat. All you need to do this exercise is a slightly raised platform like coffee table. Sit above a coffee table and bend your knees. Now put your both hands on the two edges of table and now slowly put the full pressure on both the hands and pull yourself up. Hold in that position for 5 seconds. Try the whole process for 10 times. It will increase the strength of your arms and shoulder and of course it will burn a lot of fats.
how to burn back fat6
Burning all your back fats is not a short and rapid process. Actually it takes a lot of time and lots of hard work. As fat needs much time to grow it also needs much time to burn out. So regularly work hard with these exercises and surely you will get a good result. You should also take dietary suggestions from nutritionists and take some practical help from physical fitness trainers.