Seven Exercises To Shape Up Your Legs

Many of us may not be aware of this but you tend to burn the most number of calories when you exercise the legs, This is due to the fact that the legs happen to have the largest muscle groups in the body and this means more energy is required to move them around.  Here is a special set of exercises that will tone up your legs by the fitness guru Jorge Cruise.

The beginning stage of this exercise requires you to do things at a pace that is slow to the count of 10 seconds The first phase of an exercise is done to a slow count of 10 seconds. Then when you go on the second part where the efforts required are more and are against gravity you will need to reach the maximum tension point or MTP as it is called for about 2 seconds. After holding this you need to revert to starting position slowly taking about 10 seconds.

Squat for beginners: This one is the best form of exercise that helps in toning the hams, the quads, the calves and also glutes. What is more this also uses the smaller muscles and helps in making legs leaner. This form of squat can be done using a chair for balance if required.

Take two chairs and stand between with feet apart.

Start squatting down with back straight and keep the tummy tucked in. Then count to 10 seconds.

At the maximum point of tension hold for 2 seconds and return to start position with a count of 10 seconds.

Repeat this without rest thrice.