Preventing Childhood Illnesses –A Necessary Step For Your Child’s Health

When you have a little one at home, there are many things that will have you worried and one of the main ones in this vein is the health of your child.  Children are prone to many childhood illnesses and this can make the parents stressed out and the child weaker due to the illnesses. One of the things that you can do is try and protect your child from being affected by these illnesses.

One of the things that you have to do is find out what causes many of these illnesses and work at preventing it. Many of the sickness are spread via:

Air borne: Normally health problems like colds, fevers and flu is spread via air when your child comes in contact with someone who is ill themselves. There are also many other illnesses like chickenpox, measles etc that also spread via air.

Oral contact: This actually comes about when the child comes in contact with fecal matter and inadvertently puts hand on mouth causing the infection to take place. These can cause some problems related to intestines etc.
Body fluids:  Illnesses like HIV, Hepatitis are usually spread due to contact with body fluids  or blood from a person who is infected.

Direct contact: This is generally illnesses like rashes, skin infection etc when your child touches other children who are afflicted by these health conditions. This will happen when your child spends time with other children in day care or during play time.

Here Are Some Steps That You Can Take To Do This:

Talk to the child’s doctors to gain insights into what steps you can take to prevent any illnesses. They will tell you the general areas that you will have to take precautions for.

Immunization of the child: Immunization as per the physician’s recommendation can take care of many childhood related sicknesses. This way you can prevent your child from contracting these sicknesses even before they occur.
Education: Educating care providers and the parents of other children. This is one more important step that will go a long way in preventing illnesses not only for your own child but also other children that your child plays with.
Immunization of handlers: One more way to ensure that your child does not succumb to sicknesses is to ensure that the adults who have dealings with your child have gone through immunization themselves.

Washing hands: Another way to ensure that children do not contract diseases is keeping their hands and the hands of those dealing with them clean. When an adult cleans a child or changes the diaper, it is important to clean the hands. The same thing applies before and after feeding the child.
Diaper changing: Another area that generally causes illnesses in children is negligence while changing diapers. It is important that you ensure that your hands are clean and also that you clean the child properly. Also the disposal of diapers should be done properly.

Clean food preparation: The preparation of food for children should be done in the cleanest possible. Hands should be washed and the food must be served as fresh as possible.

The care of a child is not something that should be taken lightly as everything you do right will benefit the child and the things you fail to do right will affect the child’s welfare adversely. While each child has different constitutions, you would do well to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the child is protected from all possible illnesses.