Is It Possible To Boost Your Happiness Quotient?

Being happy and happiness is something that many researchers are taking really seriously. It has been proven by many studies that it is possible for one to control how happy they feel.

A happiness researcher and psychology professor, Sonja Lyubomirsky has written that genealogy is responsible for as much as fifty percent of your happiness. Some problems in life cannot be easy to change like your health, you looks and your earnings – these factors vouch for about 10% of your happiness. This means that you get control on about 40%, which you can work on.

When you think of being happy as something of a skill or a set of skills that needs to be learned and practiced regularly, then this can help you be happier, according to author of raising happiness, Christine Carter who also has a PhD.  Learning these skills is akin to learning to talk in a foreign language. Which means that some folks are better at it than others. But everyone needs to keeping on working this skill and keep on practicing so that they become good at it.

First thing to do is being connected with other people: The happiness that person feels can be charted by the way they connect to other folks. So do dwell on how linked to other folks you feel; this includes pals, your family members and your colleagues. If you feel that you are not that connected to the people in your life, then you need to strive at the following:

Try and spend more time with your close ones like family and buddies. Start going out of your home and reach out new folks. You could either become part of a club or start taking a class or becoming part of a religious group that intrigues you. While people spend a lot of time on social media sites, it is not the same as touching base with the folks in your actual life. A limited study that studied less than Facebook users, it was found that those who spent a lot of time felt really bad the more time they spent on the site. Social media sites should supplement the actual contact you have with people on a personal basis not act as a substitute. In case you end up feeling envious of others having a better life than you have, then it is time you thought about weaning away from such sites.

Start practicing healthier habits: Another thing that can make you feel happier is doing things that are good for you on a physical level. Which means working out and getting enough rest can lift your mood? Studies have proven this theory. A study conducted in the August 2013, showed that folks who slept more on certain nights have a lesser sense of well being than those who got good quality sleep on a nightly basis.

What is more research also points out that exercising regularly keeps you happier. Which in turn means that can lead to you working out on a regular basis? Therefore, start thinking of going for a walk or a bike ride with friends. This way you can connect with others while exercising.

Start practicing being grateful: One of the best ways to boost your happiness is by practicing to be grateful. Research has shown that the thought of feeling gratitude for things on a regular basis can increase the level of happiness that you feel. Here are some ways that you can practice being grateful:

Maintain a gratitude journal: Note down details of people, incidents and other aspects that you are feeling grateful about. Keep reading about it, think about it and also add to this list on a regular basis. - –

Take a minute or two of being silent at dinner: Think about the food that you are about to consume and the ways in which you are needs are being fulfilled.

Help other people out: Research has pointed out that folks feel their best when they actually spend resources, time and money on other folks or when they do good through charity. In fact, research has even proven that even toddlers feel happier when they help other folks.  Actually helping others does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money or time. A small gift given with warmth can make you happier.

You can do things like:

  • Paying toll charges on a road for the person who is coming just behind you
  • Simply be kind to people and smile while asking them how they are doing.

Small gestures go a long way to making people feel better, they enjoy the kindness and you feel good about what you are doing.  These things tend to spread around and make everyone concerned much happier.