40 Positive Body Image Quotes To Keep You Inspired

When it comes to health many of us have started focusing more on the vanity aspects of looking good than on the health aspects of feeling good and being healthy. While we can all concur that looking good is a large contributor to feeling good mentally one cannot ignore health in exchange for vanity. In fact many of us forget that being healthy is being beautiful, a fact that becomes apparent to us later in life when we have lost our beauty and find ourselves bereft of good health as well as we have been neglecting it all along in favor of looking good.


Why does this happen? This is because most of us issues with our body image. We think of ourselves as flawed beings for not having the perfect legs or a big cleavage or a six pack in guys. We always tend to see what our body lacks and not on the incredible things that our bodies allow us to do and the things it can endure.

Here are some Positive Body Image Quotes:

  • If you just think of the way your brain works, you will be able to see how beautiful you truly are.
  • Think not about the way your body looks but the way it functions
  • Think of the health of the best cosmetic and you will always be beautiful.
  • The mirror can be your best friend as long as you are thankful for the way your parts work
  • A body is beautiful only when it is treated with the love and admiration that it deserves.
  • If you think about how much your legs help you walk, you will see the beauty in them
  • If you think of your breasts as providing sustenance to your infant, then you will no longer worry about sag or look but be proud of them
  • A neck is beautiful as it supports the head and keeps your spine in tact not because it is slender or without lines
  • A healthy spine is the most beautiful thing you can possess
  • The beauty of the heart lies in complete health and harmony.