Mother To Daughter – 50 Things To Be Communicated

There is a special bond between parents and their children. With children resembling their parents not only physically but also in terms of personality and the way they think. It is always possible that they are completely different too. But no matter what there is always going to be special bond between parents and children. This applies more to the mother as she is the one who gives birth and later on nurtures the children.

But one cannot deny that mothers and daughters have a really special bond going that enables the mother to almost sense what her daughter is thinking and feeling. It may be due to the fact that the mother has gone through the same phases of life as her daughter is going through right now. She knows very well about the problems her daughter is going to face and she also knows what challenges are waiting for her in life.

That is why the mother ought to educate her daughter on certain things.

There are as many as 50 things that she ought to talk to her daughter about so that she can sail through the difficult aspects of growing up into adulthood.

Some advice about her personal self:

Being jealous though natural can be a waste of time unless you use it to make things better for yourself.

The way you view others is a reflection on yourself

Help people in need to help them and to feel better about yourself.

well dressed

Be proud of being well groomed at all times

Keep smiling as it will keep your mindset and that of others around you up

Get a grip on the way your moods swing and try not to impose them on others around you.

Always think and consider before you say something as saying harsh things will make you regret them later

Try not to get entangled in the drama around you.

Ensure that you grow up to be a person that you can look up to

Don’t make the opinion of others about you, your reality

Take care of your body and respect your good health.

girl alone

Ensure that you have some time set aside to spend with your own company

Make your own limits and adhere to them

Be kind but not foolish

Always take time to indulge in some childish activities.

Food should be eaten as sustenance and not for comfort

Just because you are being nasty does not mean that you are being honest, you are only coming across as mean.

Take care to read up on the right words so that you can communicate properly. Using poor language will only make people thing less of you.

Believe in the inner strength and let that intuition guide you when you are in trouble instead of fear dominating your decisions

Maintain a dairy of your personal thoughts

Never let anything about you come out in the online realm that cannot be seen by your kids or by your employers

Take responsibility for things that you know that you can handle efficiently.

Being happy is an option and you should always opt for it

Ensure that when you give, it is not causing you financial, emotional or physical losses

Ensure that when somebody is telling you something, you listen well

Identify what makes you happy and keep working on developing it

Make a note of thing that you admire about your own self

Be polite and make it a point to say thank you and please.

Address older people with respect by adding a sir or ma’am to their names

When you trust someone, do it from the bottom of your heart.

Some useful input on handling money:

Earn your own money. - –

Using your credit should be for dire situations and not for shopping

If you long for something, then work towards saving to afford it

Do not guarantee or take on other people’s debts

Some inputs for employment:

Arrive ahead of time so that you are never late

When you resign from your job, give your employer a fortnight’s notice. - –

Perform the work that you agreed upon when you were hired

Doing nothing while working is as good as stealing

Workplace is not the place for thinking personal stuff or for mood swings.

Inputs on relationships:

Choose a life partner for the way they make you feel when you are with them and not for what they can give you

Always take a stand for things you believe in and let your partner know what your needs are

It pays to remember that the way others treat you is in your control/

Plan to have kids because you want to.

Ask yourself whether you can bring up and support your kid and whether you are prepared for your way of life to change

Make it a point that you show acceptance and respect for those who are not like you

Expecting others is to change nor is it good to show your disappointment to them when they do not change.

Let people provide you encouragement and support when needed but do not lean on them

Do have patience about finding the right mate and you will