8 Most Common Food Allergies

While having indigestion from what you have eaten is not at all pleasant, getting an allergic reaction can be really scary. Allergies are not to be ignored as they result in swelling, rashes, vomiting and can even be fatal. You simply cannot ignore an allergy. Statistics indicate that many people have allergies to foods and that includes one out of 13 children who fall under the age of 18. These allergies are a result of the immune system mistaking food protein as a danger and attempting to protecting the body by letting out chemicals and histamines into the bloodstream. An allergy to food is not like an intolerance to food.

The foods listed hear among the most common and major cause of allergy. Many people are born with a particular food allergy but you can also develop one over time. Read the information give above for general guidance but in case of any real problems do get in touch with a doctor.

Most Common Food Allergies


Allergy to milk: This is one of the most general food allergies in kids and generally is related to milk from a cow. But you can also have allergic reactions to milk from other sources like goat, sheep and buffalo. The symptoms of milk allergy usually manifest in the form of hives, problems with digestion, vomiting and wheezing. Normally speaking milk allergies rarely become life threatening and do not usually cause airways to constrict making it dangerous.