The Recipe To Make Healthy Homemade Flavored Water

We all know that water is a drink that is really good for us. We all try and drink water but even then sometimes fall short of the amount we are supposed to drink. Often it is due to the fact that water can be boring to drink and mostly due to the fact that we get caught up in doing other things. But a smart company has come up with the idea of making water healthier.

It is possible to make water healthier and if possible tastier too? Yes you can do that and that too without going for the sugar laden fruit drinks or colas. All you need to do is add fruits to it. Water that is infused with the added fruit and other flavors are all the rage today. They are simple to make, they are full of nutrition that you need and also very refreshing to drink. The thing to remember is that they are not all the hard to make; just add the fruit of your choice. Make sure that you use fresh fruit and remember you cannot use bananas!

Apart from the fruit of your choice, you can take it a step further by adding spices and herbs of your choice to add zing to your flavored water, not to mention additional nutrients. Even as we suggest some popular combinations for making flavored water, we are aware of the fact that everyone will have their own favorites, but still here are a few of the popular ones. What is more they are very easy to make:

Cucumber, lime and mint: All you need to do is gather half a cucumber that you have sliced along with half a lime, again sliced along with a quarter cup of fresh mint leaves which you have washed clean. Place all these ingredients in a jar at the bottom. Squash things around with a wooden instrument to release the flavors. Once you can feel the aroma wafting up, you can fill the jar with water. Take a sip to find out how it tastes. Also add agave if you feel that the drink needs to be sweeter. You can either have this fresh or keep it in the refrigerator overnight before drinking it. In case you feel like it, you can even add seltzer water to make it fizzy. - –

Lemon, basil and strawberries: You will need half a cup of strawberries that have been sliced, half a lemon sliced and one quarter cup of clean basil leaves. Again the process to be followed as the one given above.

Mint and watermelon: This again is a very tasty combination and will come as a welcome relief in the hot months of summer. Just use one cup of watermelon that is cut into cubes along with a quarter cup of freshly washed mint leaves. Follow the same process.

Ginger, orange and pineapple: Take half cups each of peeled and sliced oranges and pineapples along with one tablespoon of ginger. You will need to peel and grate the ginger before adding it. Simply muddle all these in a jar with a wooden spoon and add the water.

As you can see all the above recipes are really simple to make and will taste delicious. Take care to wash the fruit, spices and herbs carefully before using them. Since you are not going to add sugar or salt, you can use this base for the flavored water for about a day or two at the most. After this period you will have to use fresh flavorings to make your flavored water. You will find that you will be able to increase your intake of water with the additions of these flavorings. Keep experimenting with other combinations to find the one you like.