10 Important Things to Ask your Doctor

Doctor questions

There may have been many instances when you leave the doctor’s place only to realize that you have forgotten something that you were meant to ask? The common wisdom as far as medicine goes, is to be more into preventive care than take action later like in the case of breast cancer and conditions like osteoporosis.


To help you get the most of each doctor visit that you make, we have put together things to ask your doctor so that you good quality and proactive care.


Important Things to Ask your Doctor

  1. Am I receiving the best cancer screening that is available? We all know that for breast cancer, getting a mammogram is the best way for women to find this out when they are at an average risk. But many of us do not know that getting an ultrasound and MRI testing may be a good idea for those women who are on the high risk end of the spectrum. In case you do have a family history of breast cancer then your doctor can come up with a better specialized plan.
  2. Do I come under the category of being clinically obese? Many people are reeling under weight problems today with a body mass index that is 30 or above. We are also aware the obesity can lead to other issues like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer. You need to check with your doctor.
  3. Is my joint back pain indicative of a bigger problem? Many a time people having kidney stones or patients with pancreatic or ovarian cancers could have back pain as a symptom. Moreover conditions like lupus would sometimes start first with pain in the joints. This needs to be investigated.
  4. Is hypertension going to be a concern before I hit the 50s? In case you suffered from gestational hypertension or have a family background of hypertension then you need to be concerned about this. The way we treat our arteries in the 30s and 40s is really vital.
  5. Is it essential for me to get a screening for bone density in spite of my young age? If you are below 50 years of age and having some family history which indicates bone deterioration, then you should talk to your doctor about getting tested. In case you have crossed  50, then too it is a good idea to get an assessment if you happen to have one or many major or even minor risk factors.
  6. Why is the severe pain in my headache still persisting? In this case we would like to define severe as something that is quite unbearable. If this happens once or repeats often you need to consult a doctor. In case you also have symptoms like vomiting, seizures or other nerve related symptoms then go to the emergency room. It could be a migraine or a ruptured aneurysm.
  7. Why are my flu symptoms still persisting? Normally a flu should not be more than 4 days, anything above that needs to be checked out. It could be anything from a strep throat or mono or even the early stage of lung cancer
  8. Should I be concerned about sexually transmitted diseases? This could be a concern if you have new sexual partner. The fact is that not using a condom or having thinner vaginal tissues due to age could increase the risk factors.
  9. Why do I feel uncomfortable in my stomach area? Feeling flatulent or achy in the stomach could be something else besides indigestion like an ovarian cyst or possible appendicitis or diverticulitis among other things.
  10. Why am I suffering from heartburn and feeling breathless? This could point to the beginning of heart trouble, especially in women who do not have the same symptoms as men.