How to Get Pregnant with Twins: Yes, Its Possible!

Some married couples possess a wish of conceiving twins. Actually it depends on the wantage of both mother and father. Some like to have a big family while some wants a close sibling from the birth. Twin babies can be identical or fraternal. Identical twins are born when a single fertilized egg gets divided into two eggs giving birth to two developed babies and fraternal twins are born when two different eggs develops into two babies. Giving birth to twins is a very rare incident but there are some healthy tips that really increase your chance of having twin babies. So if you are really planning to have twins read out the full article and try out the steps below.

Ways to Get Pregnant With Twins

Try to understand the chances: Having twins depends on the chances you possess. Mostly it depends on the mother. According to medical science if a woman is tall and overweight their chances of conceiving twin baby increases. On a study it has also proved that the African and European women have greater chances of having twins. Again the Asian and Hispanic women have a very low chance. As the age increases the chances of getting twins also increases. So you have to understand your chances are high or low.
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Try to gain weight: If you are really interested in having twins then you have to put on a lot of weight during pregnancy period. Conceiving twins need to gain a lot of weight in the body. So you should consume plenty of fatty foods because it’s the only way to gain weight rapidly. But remember you should be quiet considerate while eating. Over eating can be harmful to you.
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Take vitamins: Vitamins are very essential while pregnancy. So to have twins you should be sure that you are not lacking in vitamins. Consume Folic acid tablets daily. Folic acid is very useful so you can get then easily from any medicine store. But discuss with the medical practitioner about the dosage.
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Stop birth control pills: You should immediately stop birth control pills when you are finally decided to get pregnant. According to medical science, as soon as the birth control pills are stopped women starts excreting hormones in their body very furiously which sometimes result in having twins. So you should be aware about that.
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Create a gap between two conceptions: Try to create a gap between two conceptions. This increases the chance of having twins. If you are really interested in twins, then please don’t rush to conceive every year. This will result in decreasing the chance of getting twins.
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Check out the family history: Getting pregnant with twins can sometimes be hereditary. Yes if you are a twin yourself and any other members have given birth to twins in the past history can result you in getting twins. As this process is very rare, but still a chance remains for heredity factors.
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Be positive: Always try to be positive about conceiving twins. Keep in mind that positiveness increases the psychological power which will help you to prepare yourself into having twins. Always think about it positively. Never be very negative as it can affect your psychological standards. Try to have a positive desire all the time.
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Medical supervision: Consult to a doctor and discuss with him about your desire. He or she will obviously help you. There are many medical needs which you need to have twin babies. So your doctor will help you with proper guidance at the time of pregnancy. Medical supervision increases the chance to double. There are many medicines which are essential for your body at that time. So don’t ever hide the decision from your doctor.
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