Hormonal Imbalance in Women: Symptoms and Treatment

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If we talk about health one of the things that has a huge effect on our health is hormones. But the fact is though people acknowledge that bacteria have an effect on our health, many do not know that hormones do have a big impact. Fixing these and having them in the right order will have a good impact on overall health, even if other things are not in order. There have been studies that show the some hormone reactions will even help in the healing of brain trauma.

In case you do have doubts about how powerful the impact of hormones can be on things like your weight management or your moods or even the health of your tummy, then do take the time to talk with a pregnant woman. She will tell you about the changes she has had in these areas since she has become pregnant. Or you could talk to a girl who has just entered her teens. But a word of caution here – be careful!

In case you have symptoms that include gaining of weight, skin problems, trouble falling asleep, or sleeping too much or fatigue or premenstrual mood swings or problems with fertility or such related issues then it is likely that you have a hormone imbalance problem.

Hormonal Imbalance in Women: Symptoms and Treatment

What exactly are Hormones? These are chemical messengers within the body and they are up and about in the bloodstream and touch up on organs and tissues. Their work is done at a slower pace and in time they have an effect on many processes that include

  • Development and growth of the body
  • The way your body processes food to get energy -Metabolism
  • Reproductive and Sexual functions
  • Management of moods

Hormones are produced by Endocrine glands which are essentially special groups of cells. Thyroid, Pituitary, Thymus, Pineal, Pancreas and Adrenal glands are the main endocrine glands. In women the ovaries produce hormones and in men it is the testes.

Hormones are created using the cholesterol and good fats in the body. So dearth of these in the body due to diet can cause problems in this area as the blocks for building would be missing. And in such situations the body would use toxins that have chemicals akin to these building blocks or those that copy these hormones come about creating many issues.

The endocrine system is incredibly complex and really difficult to grasp fully. But some basic things about hormonal balance can be understood and worked at.