Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection: Reasons, Symptoms and Cure

URINARY TRACT:Urinary system is also known by the name of renal system. It mainly includes a pair of kidneys, a pair of ureters, a urinary bladder and urethra. Ureters, urinary bladder and urethra together are known for the urinary tract which functions in production, storage and elimination of the urinary wastes and other fluids from the body with the help of kidneys. Apart from filtration and eliminations of the wastes from the body it also help to maintains a homeostatic balance of water in the body as well as also help in maintain the level of ph, blood pressure, and calcium.
HOW DOES IT WORK: Urinary tract help in the elimination of the waste materials from the body. We eat food and after that body take all the essential components from the food to derive energy and nutrients for the other process of the body. When the food is totally consumed by the body then the wastes are remained in to the blood stream and are removed out of the body in the form of urea. This waste material urea is mainly produced when the food diet includes the protein carrying products like as poultry, meat and certain type of the vegetables. With the elimination of the urea there creates a balance in the level of water, potassium and calcium like necessary elements.working 2
WHAT IS URINARY TRACT INFECTION: An infection is a state of disease when some other infection causing agents like fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc enters inside the body or attaches themselves to drive nourishment for their colonial propagation and cause the illness. Similarly urinary tract infection is a type of bacterial infection in which the urinary tract is infected by the production of the certain type of bacteria (E.colli or escherichia colli).e colli
TYPES OF URINARY TRACT INFECTION: There are mainly 3 types of the infections of the urinary tracttypes
CYSTITS: It is the most common type of the urinary tract infection. It is mainly an infection of the lower urinary tract which involves the bladder. It is also known as the bladder infection. This infection is not too much serious but if it is not treated right away then it will take a serious turn towards the permanent illness.
PYLONEPHRITIS: It is the other type of the urinary tract infection in which the upper part of the urinary system is affected. It mainly includes both of the kidneys. A kidney infection is always serious and can cause damage.
URETHRITIS: Urethritis infection includes the infection of the urethra or regions nearby which plays the role of keeping the urinary bladder empty.
INFECTION RATING IN MEN AND WOMEN: In humans both men and the women can suffer from the common type of the infection. But still the chances of the infection in case of women are always more than that of the men. Because the environment which male urethra faces from outside is dryer than that of the females and the bacteria produces inside the males urethra are killed by the fluid produced from the prostate glands. Women in the teen age are more susceptible towards this infection and there is recorded a lowest rate in old age women.Men and women
CAUSES OF THE INFECTION: The main causative agent of the UTI is bacteria ie. escherichia colli, apart from this rarely the involvement of other bacterial species are recorded.e colli 2

  • The major cause of infection in the women is shorter length of the urethra in the females than in the males.
  • Another big reason that cause the increase in the infection rate is that is the closer positions of the vagina to the anus. As the bacteria responsible for this infection is present in the large intestine and stool also consist them
  • The frequent sexual intercourse is also involved in causing the infection.
  • Poor hygiene conditions are also a big factor for the development of the infection.
  • Persons suffering from the urine blockage problems can also be easily affected by the bacteria.
  • In case of less drinking of fluids and water cause the larger accumulation of wastes and increases the causes of infection.
  • Persons suffering from the diabetes disease comes under the sensitivity towards the infection.
  • Kidney stone and enlargement of the prostate gland too may have a deal in increase in infection of the urinary tract.
  • Patients with spinal cord injury may also come under the inflectional circumstances of the infection because of the chronic use of the catheter and urinal dysfunctions.
  • Use of diaphragm by woman for birth control.
  • Persons suffering from the lower immune disease like as AIDS is also sensitive to the disease.

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS: Following are the most common symptoms which can be easily observed by the suffering individual.symptoms 2

  • An urge for frequent urination and discomfort.
  • Burning and pain during the time of the urination.
  • Lesser amount of urine comes during the time of the urination.
  • Color of the urine becomes pale and cloudy and it smells bad.
  • There may also be a problem of hematuria blood comes in the urine.
  • Problem in holding the urine inside.
  • There is usually a high fever at about 100.4F. Person keep on shivering.
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may also get accompanied.
  • Pain in the lower back and abdominal area.
  • Pain under the ribs may also occur.
  • Often heaviness in the belly and tenderness.
  • P0resence of the pus can also be observed in the urine.
  • The symptoms of the infection usually have a similarity to the sexually transmitted disease

TREATMENT AND CURE: There are both types of treatments are available for the urinary tract infections. Either it is homemade or antibiotic. There are certain steps based on the home made remedy by using which prevention from the infection can be accompanied.treatment and cure

Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection

BAKING SODA: If the infection is from the last two days then the use of the baking soda can be a good substitution remedy for the infection. A tea spoon of baking soda in the glass of water helps to speed up the recovery from the infection. It is because of the ability of acidic neutralization as it neutralizes the acidity of the urine. Baking soda can also be consumed with the vinegar.baking soda 2
CRANBERRY: Cranberry juice is also one of the most accepted remedy for the URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS. It plays an important role of flushing out to the bacteria easily from the urinary tract. The main ingredient of the cranberry juice is D-manose which is a sugar compound and it helps in none sticking of the bacteria to the cell lines of the urinary tract. Cranberry juice can also be used with the garlic. Because of the quick healing ability in the garlic the mixture of the both act as the antibiotic to the infection and provides a quicker recovery as well as relief from the rid of infection. If we talk about the dosage of the cranberry juice then daily dose should be at least 2 to 4 glass of the juice. Remember this juice may seem to be bitter according to your taste you may also add some apple juice to it for the change of flavor.cranberry
TURMERIC: As the prevention is better than the cure. In the same way turmeric is a useful remedy to get rid of the urinary tract infections
But there is a certain mixture of things which have to make for the consumption so that it can effect greatly. To make that there is the need of the following ingredients
.1 Table spoon of apple cider vinegar
.1 Table spoon off honey
.1 Table spoon of turmeric and
.A Glass of water.
Mix these ingredients thoroughly in the water one by one and take at least 2 to 3 times in a day. The main thing about this cure is that there are not any side effects of these doses.Turmeric Pickle - Version 2
WATER: If you are already dealing with the infection then there is a great need of drink the plenty of water in the whole day. Because the drinking of more and more water in a day will cause the flowing of the water in the blood stream and due to which the frequent urination will be there, with the help of which the bacteria will get flush off more easily with the stream. And another benefit for the larger consumption of water is that, the concentration of the urea in the urine will also decrease with which the burning pain will also get decreased. Normally the consumption of water should be at least 8 to 10 glasses daily.water
HYDROTHERAPY: It is mainly the treatment of any disease with the help of the water. In this kind of treatment hot water is used to give the warmness to that part of the body. Hot water is poured in to the water bottle and place that water bottle on to the lower abdominal area to get ease from the pain of the infection Or there is an another option of steam i.e. steam treatment can also be given carefully to the infected area. With the action of the heat the sensation of the bacteria get some what decreased but this is a temporary treatment for the infection.hydrotherapy
PINEAPPLE JUICE: Regular use of the pineapple juice is a good substitute for the treatment of the urinary tract infection. Eating a handful of the pineapple pieces or a glass of juice can give big relief during the hard times of the infection. It is because of the presence of the bromelain in the pineapple. It is a good nutrient supplement and contains certain enzymes with the potent effects and help in the reduction of the inflammation. Apart from these effects a positive feedback was also observed on respiratory, digestive and immune system.
VITAMIN C: The major source of the vitamin c is the citrus fruits. These fruits not only help in the blood purification but also provide an aid in the recovery and relief from the infection of urinary tract. Consumption of the vitamin c keeps the bladder in a healthy condition and also neutralizes the acidity of the urine. Vitamin c tablets can also be obtained from the market can be consumed under doctor’s supervision. Mainly vitamin c is obtained from the bananas, guavas, water melons, lemon, kiwi, etc. The consumption of these fruits not at all is harmful even they help to keep a healthy body.vitamin c
BLUEBERRY JUICE: Blue berry juice too is an effective remedy for the prevention of the bladder infections. It plays an important role in halting the growth of the bacteria inside the body. The consumption of the blueberry is not need to be at a plenty level a hand full of the blueberries are sufficient for the day. You may also add the blueberry in your regular diet as it will cause the increase in the immunity as well.Blackberry-Juice
HYGIENE: A well maintained hygienic conditions is always required nearby the area of the urethral opening. Try to make the nearby environment dry up to it is possible because in dry environment chances for the propagation of bacteria are lesser that the wet environment.hygine
CLOTHING: Change of the inners should be done daily so that the bacteria could not find any favorable condition to grow.
There should be use of cotton inners which are comfortable, easy to adjust and lowers the problem of rashes. Always innerwear should be used to minimize the infection because without inners the bacteria from the environment are some time able to penetrate the fabric clothes and becomes the reason for the infection.clothings
INTERCOURSE: Following of the rules for making love should be there. Do inform to your partner if you are already suffering from any infection. A proper cleaning or bath should be there after the intercourse because the fluids excreted out during that time may cause the irritation after exposure to the environment. Use the washroom for the urination and get rid of the harmful bacteria. Use of diaphragm should be avoided because these may also become the reason for the infections.intercourse
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Regular addition of few drops of the apple cider vinegar to the bath tubs as well as water buckets also help to keep you protected from the infection. Because of the richness in the potassium and enzymes it is capable of attack on all of the bad bacteria.apple cidar vinegar
AROMA THERAPY: The use of the aroma therapy is also good in prevention from the infection. Tea tree oil, sandal wood oil and juniper oil can be used after mixing near by the lower abdominal areas. A message or rubbing from this oil can be done regularly for 3 to 4 days until there becomes some relief.aroma
OTHERS: If you are in infection then prevent to undergo these activities.
. Avoid the stoppage of the urine inside. Cotton plugs can be used for dryness during emergency.
. Avoid the intercourse
. Pregnant woman should tell the doctor about any infection.
. Avoid the usage of alcohol as it will irritate the bladder.
.Avoid the use of caffeine carrying products like cigarette.no smoking
If the infection has reached to a greater stage then instead of doing any type of home remedies immediately consult to the doctor.
Or there are certain type of antibiotics like phenazophyridiene is present in the market which are having a greater capability to
Make relief from the pain and burning. These medicines should always be taken under the doctors prescriptions because the longer
Use of these types of drugs may cause some side