10 Reasons and Home Remedies for Ear Pain

Having an earache can be quite difficult to bear at any age. You may not find it feasible to visit the doctor each time you have an earache and it may not even be necessary to do so. It goes without saying some kinds of ear infections will need you to go to the doctor, but normally they tend to heal in the course of a few days. The human body is made to heal itself given the right nourishment.


Reasons why earaches occur: There are many reasons for you to get an earache. Here are some reasons that you get earache:

  • Due to moisture getting trapped in the ear canal
  • Ear tube blockage
  • Some form of injury in the ear drum
  • Eustachian tube getting inflamed
  • Deep cleaning the ear canal with swabs
  • Bacterial or viral infection in the inner or outer ear
  • Throat infection or nose infection
  • Problems with teeth
  • Altitude change
  • Fungus or wax building in the ear
  • Injury to jaw
  • Jaw arthritis