10 Home Based Remedies For Cancer Of The Bone


Bone cancer is mainly of two types; one being the primary bone cancer and the other being the secondary bone cancer. The primary cancer starts of in the bone cells but the secondary variety actually initiates from another part of the body and then comes to the bones. Within the primary bone cancer itself there are categories like the benign tumors which tend to be development, traumatic, inflammatory cause, neoplastic or infectious. The most commonly found type of bone cancer usually seen in children and young adults is Osteosarcoma. Here are some symptoms of bone cancer:

bone cancer home remedies 1
Bones could weaken and become prone to fractures of the bone
There is weight loss for no apparent reason or due to no efforts
A lump can be seen in the area that is affected
One could see swelling in the area that is affected
Fever and chills along with night sweats

The one thing you should keep in mind is that bone cancer is not contagious. The people who generally fall under a higher risk for bone cancer are:

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Those who have gotten radiotherapy
People with history of Paget’s disease
Infants born with umbilical hernia
People with hereditary renoblastoma

Given here are some means through which you can diagnose if a person is suffering from bone cancer:

Bone/CT/MRI/PET scan
Biopsy of the bone
X ray

Some of the treatment methods for bone cancer include:

Conventionally radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy are the treatment methods. Some unconventional home based remedies that you can use and will find helpful in the treatment of bone cancer:

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Massage Therapy: When properly used massage as therapy has been found to be really helpful and relieves the pain in the area that is affected. You will need to undertake regular massage therapy to helping treat bone cancer.

Nutrition: You will need to ensure that you ingest a good and very well-balanced diet regularly to keep cancer of the bone under control. This will also help you in fighting against other diseases.

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Meditation: This helps in keeping us balanced and centered and is also known to help in the treatment of bone cancer.

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Acupuncture: This process that consists of inserting fine needles at points that are specifically picked on the skin is good for many things including bone cancer.

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Homeopathy: You can opt for this type of medication if you feel that allopathic medication is not actually working all that well but do remember that homeopathy is slower in producing results.

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Spiritual healing: Though people do believe that spiritual healing is not of any use, it has apparently helped some patients of bone cancer when doctors have given up. The thing you need for such things to work is faith.

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Garlic: This is one very useful thing for many ailments due to its anti-oxidant properties and also the fact that it is anti inflammatory which could be helpful in treatment of bone cancer.

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Potato juice: It is a fact that potato juice has shown to have some amazing results in reducing the symptoms that lead to cancer of the bone.

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Pineapple juice: Even if the fresh pineapple juice does not help in the healing process, it can do no harm. In fact, pineapple juice can actually aid in decreasing the joints’ swelling.

As you can see bone cancer can benefit from both conventional and home based remedies and the thing to remember is that you need to be patient and persistent in following all the treatment courses. The thing about any form of cancer is that it takes lots of efforts and positive outlook to see any positive change.