Healthy Foods for Toddlers: 25 Nutritious Snacks In The Lunchbox

The children are on their way back to the school and this means lunchboxes and boxes of healthy snacks to ensure that they eat right. Every mother wishes to provide her children with food that only tastes good but is also full of health. To this end you need to have some really good snacks that you can rustle up fast while not compromising on the health aspect. You will naturally have to make things look and taste good to induce your kid/s to dip into their snack box and eat.

Here it is – the list of 25 scrumptious and Healthy Foods for Toddlers:
  • Simply remove the peel of a banana and immerse it in yoghurt before rolling it in crushed cereal and freezing it.
  • Apply some peanut butter of sticks of celery or you could use some low fat cream cheese and then top the whole thing with some raisins.
  • Put in a pita pocket made of whole wheat or any grain with some apple slices and ricotta cheese. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top to spice it up.
  • Put a mix of some nuts, dried fruits and cereal in a small bag to handover to kids to munch while they are out
  • Put a scoop of yoghurt that has been frozen on a couple of graham cracker and top with slices of banana to make a great sandwich.
  • Add some crunchy bits of granola on vanilla yoghurt and for color and health top with blueberries.
  • Nuke a small baked potato after topping it with salsa and low fat cheddar cheese.
  • Make delicious nibbles out of Kabobs that you put together by putting grapes and low fat cheese on some pretzel sticks
  • Toast waffle made of whole grain and top this up with sliced peaches and low fat yoghurt.
  • Smear peanut butter on slices of apple for a filling and nutritious snack
  • Make smoothie with low fat milk and frozen banana and strawberries to provide as a filling drink.
  •  A dinner roll with egg salad or tuna can be made into a delicious mini sandwich
  • Add grated cheese of the low fat variety on a corn tortilla along and nuke it for about 20 seconds and then top with some salsa.
  • Add walnuts and dried cranberries into instant oatmeal.
  • Make balls of cornflakes and peanut butter after mixing them.  Then roll these balls in graham crackers which have been crushed.
  • Enjoy some instant vegetable or tomato soup along with crackers made with whole grains.
  • Add some fruits and low fat vanilla flavored yoghurt to a waffle cone.
  • Add some parmesan cheese to hot popcorn
  • Add different flavored low fat frozen yoghurt to a banana that has been split and then top with some whole grain cereal.
  • Make sandwiches out of whole grain bread and cut into fun shapes.
  • Wrap a bit of turkey or ham on a flour tortilla along with some low fat cheese and greens to make a nice roll
  • Make a pizza out of a toasted English Muffin by adding some pizza sauce along with low fat mozzarella cheese.
  • Make some rocky road by breaking graham crackers and mixing with low fat chocolate pudding and some marshmallows.
  • Add mustard on some deli turkey and wrap this around a  breadstick to make a reverse sandwich.
  • Create layers with vanilla yoghurts and oranges and/or blueberries for a colorful parfait and top with granola.