25 Health Tips To Keep You Healthy In Summer

When it is hotter outside, somehow things look easier even then there is no change in life as such. Even grownups with responsibilities seem to let loose during this period of time. Here are some tips to make sure that you are also working on improving your health while you enjoy the warmth:


Have a berry diet: One of the things that you can do to improve your diet is to add berries by the cupful to your diet. Mix blackberries, strawberries and blueberries for a delicious and dietary boost.


Get down and dirty: Activities like gardening are really good for mind and body. This helps you get some outdoor freshness as well as take away your stress.

flossing teeth

Keep flossing: Floss on a daily basis to keep the teeth and the rest of you healthy. It helps in keeping the teeth clean and the bacteria away.


Move out and about: With the weather turning nicer, make the most of it by getting your quota of outdoor exercises like walking, biking, swimming instead of just going out to the gym for a workout.

wearing sunglasses

Keep the eyes well protected: Since the outside is nice and bright you will need to be sure to keep your eyes well protected with good quality sunglasses. This will also prevent the wrinkles from forming around the eyes with the squinting in the bright glare.


Take a vacation: Since summer is already loosening all the knots and kinks in your body and mind, you might as well take full advantage of this time to take some time off to lie back and enjoy a vacation.


Go easy on alcohol: Do take care to drink plenty of fluids in the summer while keeping alcohol light. This will make you feel better and lighter not to mention healthier. Do take alcohol in moderation.


Slumber in: The one thing that summer seems to propagate is an inclination to stay up late and you could end up feeling more tired than usual. So do make sure that you adhere to a bedtime schedule and avoid napping in the noon.

fruits and vegggies juices

Mix up veggies and fruits: You could go with the idea of having juices that have both the vegetables and fruits in them to ensure that you get all the nutrients and the necessary fiber.

Do ensure proper hydration: It is a good idea to keep drinking plenty of water starting with about two cups when you get up and keep on drinking water through the day as you go about your work and exercises.

aloe vera gel

Keep the sun exposure within limits: While the sun is good for you, it is good to remember that it is good only in moderation. That is why it is a good idea to protect your skin from over exposure and apply things like aloe vera gel to keep the skin protected and hydrated.

Do start and maintain a fitness program: It is important that you keep the body fit by follow some sort of exercise routine that will keep you active and fit in the summer days when you are likely to start feeling lethargic.


Make the most of the bounty of nature: It is best to have the best of produce that is available in summer in the form of salads and fruits.  Add things like natural yogurt, cottage cheese, soy, sprouts etc to make the meals more filling without adding too much in terms of calories.

going out with family

Make it family time: Summer is a great time to get the family and friends together to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. Not only will you feel connected to each other, but all of you will feel connected to the outdoors and nature too.


Let your hair down: Make sure that you are slowing down the pace of life and also go in for things like massages or therapies that are quite relaxing.

Minted Melon Teas

Prepare sun teas: This is a simple and wonderful way of making tea by filling glass jars with water and putting in a teabag and leaving this in the sun to steep. You can go in for herbal and natural teas to make such teas and drink this for refreshment and health. You can also make lunar teas the same way by putting water and teabags in the moonlight.

Take nutritional supplements: This is a good idea as summer can make you feel drained so you need to get B complex vitamins and other nutrients to get the body recharged.

Get in touch with your inner self: You can use these summer months to get in touch with your natural and spiritual side and let things settle within yourself to make things more peaceful.

Go nature happy: Make sure that you do take the time to touch base with nature in the months of summer but do so with plenty of precautions.

small meals 2

Eat often, eat fresh and eat less: In summer it is a good idea to eat light and fresh meals in smaller portions more frequently to keep the metabolism going. Include many juicy fruits in your meals.

Add salads to your diet: These make a lot of sense in the summer as they have plenty of fiber and nutrients and they are also easier to prepare and eat in hot weather.

Seek help for sun burn: Keep drinking green tea or have some onion juice as a protection against the damage of the sun’s rays.

Cool with sweats: Eating small amounts of spices like peppers, chilly, ginger etc. can keep your body sweating and thereby cooler.

drinking water

Hydration is vital: Do keep drinking plenty of cool and clear water without adding anything to it.

Protect your skin: Do wear loose and long clothing to protect your skin from the harsh sun when you are out and about.