10 Health Risks of Smoking Hookah

Hookah is a very famous addiction around the world. Some people regularly smoke hookah again some smoke occasionally. It has different names varying around the world like Shisha, Narghile, Goza etc. Actually Hookah is made with a strange mechanism. A long water pipe with a smoke chamber, a Pipe, a hose and a bowl. The tobacco is filled and heated, then the smoke passes though the water and is then drawn through the rubber pipe to the mouth piece. Nowadays, a trend of hookah bar is prevailing all around the world. Some says that smoking hookah is not so harmful but it is proved that hookah is much harmful than a cigarette as it releases a huge amount of smoke at a time. And a single hookah session last for about 60 minutes. It causes cancer, lungs disorder and other various chronic diseases in humans. This article is all about the health effects of hookah and some of the important health risks are discussed below.

Health Risks of Smoking Hookah:

• Cancer: As cigarette, Hookah also contains a high amount of Carbon Monoxide, Tar, Heavy Metals and Carcinogens. Carcinogens are cancer causing materials. So it is quite sure that regular hookah smokers possess high chance of getting cancer. And as it releases more smoke than cigarette so the chances are quiet higher than the cigarette smokers.
health risks of hookah1
• Heart Disease: The smoke and tobacco of Hookah contains a large amount of toxic materials which are responsible for the heart disease and can cause clogged heart.
health risks of hookah2
• Infectious Disease: The system of smoking Hookah is that the smokers stay in a group and they smoke one by one counter wise sharing the mouth piece of the same hookah. So it may be possible that a smoker may have some infectious disease which by sharing will pass to the other smokers and it is quiet risky.
health risks of hookah3
• Fault Delivery: In some medical researches it is seen that if pregnant women smokes hookah daily during her pregnancy period, during the delivery the baby will weigh less than the normal weight at least 3.5 ounce less. Also the new born babies of hookah smokers suffer from respiratory problems.
health risks of hookah4
• Oral Irritation: Some flavored hookahs and hookah juices cause irritation in the mouth. Sometimes it may lead to internal infections and if much may lead to Oral Cancer which is very dangerous.
health risks of hookah5
• Asthma Problems: People suffering from Asthma should be very careful as the smoke released from hookah is very harmful for the asthma patients. It causes inflammation of the respiratory tract. While at that situation the medicines don’t work.
health risks of hookah6
• Lung Function: Lungs start working in a very slow rate as the lungs get affected due to the huge heat and smoke amount. As a result breathing problem occurs and sometimes the patients reach to a situation that they needs to be hospitalized.
health risks of hookah7
• Allergies: Sometimes Hookahs become very prone to allergies causing chronic situations. In such case various types of chronic skin allergies are seen to occur. In some cases the allergies become very serious.
health risks of hookah8
• Decreased Fertility: Fertility rate decreases in humans due to over addiction in hookah. Medical researches states that the people smoking hookah suffers from fertility problems due to its toxic nature.
health risks of hookah9
• Risk for Non-Smokers: The non-smokers also possess a great risk if they stay nearby the place where hookah is being smoked. Actually hookah releases a lot of smoke from the tobacco. While breathing the smoke gets inhaled and the non- smokers gets affected with the smoke. So it is suggested to the non-smokers to stay away from the smoking places.
health risks of hookah10