How to Heal a Torn Muscle or Pulled Muscle at Home

In case you are suffering from a muscle that is strained, pulled or torn, these simple tips will really help you take care of it and heal it. These are some do-it-yourself remedies that are quite inexpensive and make a lot of sense.

The first thing to realize here is that this article is about general advice on treating torn muscles and should not be taken as medical advice. It goes without saying that in case the injury you are suffering from is too severe; you need to seek medical help at once.

But if you have simply pulled the muscle or over extended it and are seeking to know how to take care of it at home, this is the article for you. It is pretty easy to treat sore muscles at home itself without going to much expense.

  • Stay away from exertion: Actually this simple and commonsense suggestion is something that people with strained muscles rarely follow. They take the maxim of no gain without pain literally and go about their daily work. Since the muscle being torn involves muscle fibers getting ripped, recognize the intense pain and stop what you are doing.
  • Icing the area: Pick up some ice cubes put them in towel and apply this makeshift ice pack to the muscle that is strained. If you are getting these pains regularly, you may have to buy a ice wrap that is reusable. Do not ice your strained muscle for more than a quarter of an hour. If required you may try the ice pack again after a couple of hours. Avoid applying heat.