Here Is A Guide To Various Types Of Breast Pain

Sometimes you will get a burning sensation in the chest area during your period and this is pretty normal. Sometimes the sore feeling along with the tenderness can happen anytime. It is so bad that you cannot even bear to have the cloth of your bra touching the area. This stabbing pain can occur many times throughout the day.

The fact is breasts are a sign of beauty and femininity not to mention providing sustenance to infants and also an important part of our sex lives. While breasts are good for a lot of things like pleasure and getting satisfaction, they can also be a source of concern in so many ways; one of the maladies that we can suffer from being breast cancer. In a lesser way it can be the source of pain for us due to so many reasons.

The news that will make you rejoice is the fact that in most cases your breast pain is not an indicator of breast cancer. It has been seen that only 5% women who have breast cancer have experienced breast pain before being diagnosed. The exception this rule is inflammatory breast cancer, which is a rare form and could start with soreness and ache in the breast area. But generally speaking, the pain you may be having in the breast area need not be cancer at all.

Aches in the breast area can be categorized into two varieties ; one being the pain that is associated with periods (cyclic pain) and the other one is the non-cyclic pain. Each category occurs due to varied reasons.

The cyclic pain can occur and disappear in conjunction with your menstrual period, building up about a fortnight before your period and disappearing afterwards. The ache can be somewhere between a mild discomfort to extreme soreness and tenderness. This kind of pain is usually seen in the outer sections of the breast . In some instances, the pain can occur in only one breast  and some women have complained of the pain extending to the arms.

As this ache is linked with periods, can occur more among younger ladies and the women who are in the peri-menopause stage. This ache can occur along with swelling and some lumps in some cases. Cyclic pain occurs due to hormones which make your retain fluids prior to your period. This retention of fluid will stretch the breast and irritate tissue and nerves, causing the pain.

Non-cyclic pain is not related to the menstrual cycle. In case you are having aches that do not have a monthly pattern or occur during your cycle but show no sign of going away even after the period is over, then this is considered non-cyclic pain. This pain maybe in both the breasts or one of them. This too can range from a simple discomfort to extreme tenderness, burning or even very severe pain.

This pain type could be due to many reasons, some even due to internal issues with the breast in some cases. It could be due to injury to the breast, some kind of infection or a pulled muscle in the chest area. Cysts may develop and become quite uncomfortable. Sometimes rib pain or heart pain can be misunderstood as breast pain.

Many a times, women with larger breasts could experience pain due to inadequate support which causes the muscle to get strained. What is more non-cyclic pain in the breast could also be due to something not at all related to the breasts. An imbalance in the fatty acid in the cells system can be the cause of this pain. Some medicines can also be at the root of the pain including drugs that are hormone based and some antidepressants.

What to do if you are having breast pain?

  • Ascertain whether it is period related: In case the pain is related to your period, you will see a clear monthly pattern. Talk to your doctor about this and seek advice regarding some changes you can make to alleviate the pain like a special diet or some exercises or some simple things for relief like applying cold compress or taking a painkiller. It would also be a good idea to manage your premenstrual syndrome better to get relief from this pain as it is also associated with PMS.
  • In case you are able to identify the pain as cyclical and it continues for over a fortnight, then consult a doctor. In case you have swelling, rashes, reddened skin, soreness or any other symptoms, you should take action as your breast may be having infection.

But the real thing to remember is not to panic. It is a fact that most breast pains are not related to breast cancer though they can be painful to manage.