40 Good Mental Health Quotes For You

There are people who spend a lot of time looking after their bodies but rarely do people work on their mental state, though it is one of the things that are the most important. While most people go through life need some help with their mental health, there are very few who actually go out and seek the help. This is immensely sad as needing help in this area is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact one of the ways to look at it is to take it lightly and give it the care due to it.

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Just remember if you are having some mental health issues, you are definitely alone and you definitely need not be ashamed. What it means is that you are human and that you need to be kind to yourself and also remember when you come across someone who needs help with their mental health that you need to be kind to them. Once in a while, the right thing to do when you come across some mental health problems is to help them along with a quote or two. These quotes say a lot with very few words. Use these mental health quotes on cards, as your Facebook status or for any other purpose.

Good Mental Health Quotes For You

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Just because you are going through a tough phase and feeling out of it does not mean that you have lost your mental balance forever; it is just a pause.

If you know someone who has never done anything weird or crazy at any time in their life, then you should really doubt their sanity.

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Life is made up of moments – some sad, some happy, some simply mad and some simply wonderful and one needs to sail through anything.

A little weirdness can really be the path your mental health.

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Who does not have a mad moment? And if they haven’t then you can be sure that it is round the corner

Mental illness is not something that we should be whispering about, in fact shouting about it will really help.

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Sometimes letting that thread of sanity go for a moment or two to do something wild could be the key to your mental health

Sometimes the key to mental health is to accept that some things are going to be the way they are and move on.

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When we come across people with mental health problems, the thing to remember is that they have gone through experiences that you cannot even imagine; so be kind to them.

It is good to think of all the things that could have gone wrong for you before you judge someone else on their mental foibles.

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Crying and raving about things gone wrong can be one of the best ways to keep your mental health intact

There is a lesson in every instance of your life that went wrong and your mental health will improve once you acknowledge and accept this.

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Even the strongest of wills has a breaking point and it would do good to remember that when you pass judgment on others

A pat on the back, an understanding look or an accepting hug can go a long way to strengthen a person and help them deal with mental health problems.

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From a confused and imbalanced mind sometimes comes moments of genius

Turn your listening on and turn the judgmental part of your brain off when you are listening to someone else’s mental struggles.

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People do not choose to be weak and mentally imbalanced, it just catches them unawares

Every small kindness that you show yourself is the best way to make your mental health better.

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Life is about accepting that things are never going to match your verdict of perfection and this includes your own self too.

Talking to yourself means that you are a really interesting person and not at all a sign of failing mental health.

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The thing to remember is that people will see you as they want to be seen and that is why each person should have a good opinion of themselves for good self esteem and mental health

Life can be tough enough without adding to the burdens by doubting your own mental health. That is why you need to be kind in assessing yourself.

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One of the best ways to deal with mental health is by ensuring that your body gets a lot of exercise

The key to keeping your mental health good is learning how to say enough at one point or another.mental health quotes 15Point not fingers at the state of someone’s mental health as it is easy to judge others but tough to be judged

When life becomes tough the best thing to do is find that tiny thread of hope and hang on to it even as you smile through your tears.

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If you are going to be addicted to something, then become addicted to the habit of being happy. It is not going to be easy but the results in terms of your mental health will be worth it.

If any substance becomes a prop to your happiness, it is time to take a step back and evaluate your dependence.

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It pays to remember that in the novel of your life, the plot will pan out the way you make it

When you come across silence that is continuous be sure to tell them that you are there for them; they may take you up on it and you could be the savior of their mental health.

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Do not let yourself become a sponge for other people’s negative emotions.

The key to starting the path back to recovery in terms of mental health is first accepting that you have a problem.

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Get into the habit of being comfortable with yourself as you are the person who will be spending most of your time with

Laughter may be the best medicine around but beware of people who laugh too much as they may doing that to hide some kind of problem.

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Remember, that mental health problems do not come with a lot of warning signs that are discernible

You owe it to your mental health remember to leave anger and resentment behind you when you move ahead in life.

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Only the person going through any pain/anxiety/stress will know the complete pain of it and it is best   not   to make harsh comments about it as you may regret it   later.

No human is immune to pain but it is the level of mental strength that you have that will keep you floating.

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No one is born strong or weak and it is circumstances and the way you react to it that makes you stronger or weaker

The best way to keep your mental health going is to move on and not dwell in the past.