Get Rid Of Those Freckles The Natural Way

The concentration of some pigments in particular parts of the skin could create a round, dark and flat circles varying in size from one to two millimeters and this is what is a freckle. The thing about freckles is that you will be prone to getting them if your family members have it too, which in essence means it is hereditary.

You will notice most freckles on the skin area that is exposed to sun and will keep increasing when exposed over time. Many freckles are usually seen on the facial areas. Though not a serious ailment, people having them may feel conscious and therefore disturbed by their presence. But do not despair, freckles can be treated with some homemade formulas.


Reasons for freckles occurring: If you have a problem like xeroderma pigmentosum, then you could be more sensitive to sunlight and this could lead to freckles. Continued exposure to sunlight is one of the main reasons for the occurrence of freckles, and it is more noticeable in people who have fair skin.

Sometimes freckles could be the result of hormone imbalance. Sometimes, freckles occur due to use of particular cosmetics. The tanning of your skin can make the problem worse.

Here are some home remedies to be used for freckles:

freckles cream

Sour milk or cream: By application of sour milk or cream on freckled areas over time can be effective in removing freckles. You can wipe them out instead of rinsing for better results.

freckles lemon

Lemon juice: Apply fresh lemon juice to the skin that is affected and leave it on for five minutes. You need to continue doing this over time for it to be effective.

freckles honey 3

Honey: Applying honey that has been slightly heated applied to the freckled parts of face can also be effective. The addition of wheat germ to this honey will also help. Later rinse out with water.

freckles parsley 5

Parsley Juice: Some parsley juice mixed with orange and lemon juice can be rubbed on the freckled part of the skin prior to applying creams of your choice. This remedy can be quite effective.

freckles castor oil

Castor Oil: A spot of castor or vitamin E oil applied on the dark spots can be another cure for freckles.

freckles strawberries

Fresh Fruits: Eating fresh fruits like apricots, strawberries as well as eating fresh vegetables can be really good for getting rid of freckles. It will also help lighten spots over time.

freckles onion

Onion: This is long used remedy which involves rubbing a slice of red onion on the affected parts of skin. The treatment can be effective when continued over time.

freckles sesame seeds

freckles turmeric powder

Sesame seeds and Turmeric: Grind equal portions of both ingredients and the paste to be applied on the dark spots. Wash off with cold water.

freckles yellow mustard seeds

Yellow Mustard Seeds: This has been found to be effective in removing freckles. A paste of this can be applied overnight on the spots and needs to be rinsed off next day.

freckles horseradish juice

Horseradish juice: You can rub horseradish juice over the freckles for a good cure. You can also rub oatmeal to remove the dark spots before washing off with cold water.

freckles red currants

Currants: Mix red currants with fresh honey in the proportion of three is to one and applied on the freckles and then washed off with fresh water.

freckles vit c rich foods

Vitamin C: Ingesting foods that are rich in vitamin C will also help in curing freckles as well as keeping them away.

freckles almonds

Almonds: Grind about 2-3 almonds with milk and apply to the freckled area for relief.

freckles lentils

Lentils: Lentils that are soaked overnight in water and then pounded along with milk and applied on freckles can help a lot.

freckles aloe vera juice

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera juice can also be rubbed on freckles and this can be done twice a day for about a fortnight to see some results.

Cucumber on White

Cucumber Juice: Mix cucumber juice with milk and apply to freckles and leave it on for ten minutes before rinsing off.