17 Germiest Places You Should be Cleaning

GERMS: As we know that micro organisms are presents at every place on the earth`s environment. Some of them are harmful while some are beneficial for us. So those microbes which are harmful to us and may cause disease to our body are known as germs and these include the various bacteria, fungi and viruses. In our day today life we are encountered by a lot of germs which are present at the various objects of the private and public places.
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GERMIEST PLACE: If we talk about our home we think that it is the cleanest place of the world but there too we are not known that a lot of germs enter by various means. So the places where the numbers of germs encounter are large become the germiest place of our house.
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GERMIEST PLACES OF THE HOUSE: here is a long list of Germiest places but here we are going to discuss about 21 of them.
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ENTRANCE DOOR KNOB: let us enter in to the house. The first thing which is used most commonly to enter in or to exit of the house is the door knob. As our hands are covered with different types of the germs when we touch the door knob they are also transferred to knob. So use of it by multiple of people may increase chances of contamination that may lead to some common disease also.
dooe knobPreventive measure: The door knob should be cleaned with the disinfectants at least 3 to 4 times in a week so that the propagation of the germs can be minimized.