Freehand Exercises For Women That Can Be Done At Home

Today health and fitness are topics that people from all walks of life are talking about. Life has become hectic, each person is juggling too many things and this means the time to exercise is sparse. But having said that due to high amounts of work and pressures increasing, the levels of stress have also gone up making regular exercise a priority.

Women have always been at the receiving end of more responsibility and thereby stress due to the multiple roles they juggle whether they are home makers or work outside the home. When it comes to home makers they lead a hectic life that involves managing home, looking after kids and husband and also fulfilling the responsibilities of a social life. As working women the pressure only increases as the professional life too interfere and make things tougher. Time is one factor that most women find lacking and this makes exercising very difficult.

But the thing that women need to understand is that fitness is important and it is vital that they set aside 30 minutes a day for this. There are some exercises that they can do within the privacy of their homes that will benefit them immensely.

A good exercise program will keep them in shape, help them fight stress and also help them improve their energy levels.

Exercises focusing on the legs: These exercises are aimed at rectifying any problems that are associated with the legs.

How to do it: Sit on a chair. Make sure your posture is really erect and that your back is not touching the backrest of your chair. Slowly raise both legs upwards to the level of the chair out in the front. Hold this position for a few seconds before lowering the legs. Do this 10 times.