10 Best Foods High in Vitamin C

There is a lot of information out there with regard to Vitamins and nutrients that we are supposed to know about, here are Foods High in Vitamin C. In this section we will talk about Vitamin C which is quite an important nutrient that the body requires for development, it aids in maintaining blood vessels, scar tissue and cartilage. It is also a powerful anti oxidant that reduces stress. It is also essential for the production of dopamine, tyrosine, ATP and peptide hormones. You need a DV of 60mg of vitamin C, and we give you a list of foods that will help you in this.
what foods are high in vitamin c

  • Green and red hot chili peppers: These are not only great for zinging up your food but also have the highest amount of Vitamin C as compared to most foods.  They have as much as 242.5 mg per serving of 100 Gms. The red chilies rate slightly lesser than the red ones.
  • Guavas: Based on the variety that you are consuming you can get as much as 228 mg of vitamin C for every 100 gms portion. Consume those guavas for taste and nutrition
  • Bell peppers: These make your pizzas and pastas even better while ensuring that you get a hefty dose of vitamin C. The amount of Vitamin C is dependant on the color of the pepper with yellow leading the pepper and green peppers coming the last
  • Herbs like parsley and thyme: Both the fresh as well as the dried variety of herbs are good for health and can be used to make food even more interesting. Thyme has as much as 160 mg for a portion of 100 gms and parsley has 133 mg for a portion of 100 gms
  • Leafy greens of the darker colors like mustard greens, garden cress and mustard greens: These greens are rich in calcium as well as other vitamins. The vitamin C in Kale (raw form) is 120 mg per 100 gm portion. Mustard greens rate the next with 70 mg for a 100 Gms portion and garden cress has 69mg per portion of 100 Gms.