How to Fix a Stiff Neck Shoulder

Shoulder pain among humans is a very common problem. Almost each and every person in this world has suffered from Shoulder pain at least once in their life. Shoulder pain is caused by many reasons such as sleeping in a wrong way, or a sudden accident or even a herniated disk. So we should be very careful while working and doing works so that our neck and shoulder doesn’t get affected. Actually shoulder and neck pain can be very pathetic and it makes us out of any work sending us to the bed. Sometimes it becomes so serious that it will not let you sleep. It causes severe pain and irritation. To get rid of this problem we have mentioned below some ways to fix a stiff neck and shoulder. Surely you will be getting some great sigh of relief.

Ways to Fix Stiff Neck Shoulder:

1. Lying Neck Stretches: Gently lie on your bed. Now tilt your head slowly in front so that your chin touches your neck. Lye in that position for 20 seconds and now again return back to the starting position. You should repeat this for at least 4-5 times. Then stretch your neck sideways left and right. Do this as long as you can.
how to fix stiff neck1
2. Standing Neck Stretches: Stand straight and slowly stretch your neck backwards till to the position that you can look upward. Hold the position for about 20 seconds and slowly return to the normal position. To do this more accurately you can put your both hands on neck and push it backwards slightly. Its a very useful exercise.
how to fix stiff neck2
3. Using Ice and Heat Packs: You can use ice and heat packs if you are sure about the source of your pain. To stop inflammation in the affected area you should use ice packs. Ice pack is great to reduce the inflammation caused by injury. And if you are sure that the pain is caused due to muscular injuries then heat pack is much useful than ice pack.
how to fix stiff neck3
4. Shoulder Swings: Stand straight and keep your arms straight facing the palms towards your thigh. Now slowly lift your both hands straightly upwards above your head now push the hands backward pretending to touch any object behind you. Don’t force yourself, do this exercise as much as you can. But keep in mind that you have to do the whole process quickly. Repeat the process for 50 times at least.
how to fix stiff neck4
5. Shoulder Release: This a very interesting exercise. Firstly, you have to roll a big towel and keep in on the floor. Now lie straight on the floor keeping that roll under your neck. Slowly bent your leg. Slowly push your entire body towards your head so that the roll moves from neck to waist. Again push backward from waist to neck. Repeat this for a number of times. It works great. But remember the roll should be hard.
how to fix stiff neck5
6. Forward tilt: Sit straight in a chair and slowly tilt your head downwards touching the chin to your neck. Just move only your head and no other parts of your body. Now slowly keep both the hands behind your head and don’t push it instead of that rest in that position.
how to fix stiff neck6
7. Side Tilt: Sit in the same process like the above one. Now instead of leaning your head forward tilt your head sideward like touching your left ear to the left shoulder. Take your left hand and touch the right ear with your fingers above the head. Don’t push the head, just feel the pressure.
how to fix stiff neck7
8. Roll your Neck: You can do this exercise by sitting or standing as you like. Actually you have to lean your head in front and roll your neck slowly once to the right side and again to the left side. Remember to look at the shoulders when rolling. Do this for 10-20 times.
how to fix stiff neck8