Five Remedies For Pain Caused By Teething


It is midnight and you hear the sound of your baby crying out and when the whole routine of feeding, changing, rocking and cuddling does not work then you realize that something else is the matter. Then you realize it is the teeth that are making your baby cry out in agony. The gums are slightly tender and the baby also seems to be having diarrhea. A visit to the baby’s doctor will tell you are on the right path.

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It varies from baby to baby while some seem to have a lot of pain others seem to sail through it. Of course the majority of the cases are in the middle. While there is no formal type of remedy for this, you can try a few things.

Here We Have Divided Them Into Categories To Make It Easy For You To Understand:

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Cold chewables: When the tiny little gums are sore and swollen, then sucking on something that is cold will help the pain come down. You can use something soft and cold or use one of those teething rings that can be put into the fridge. Or use a wooden spoon that is cold. The thing to remember is that the cold chewable things you provide will warm soon, so you need to have another one handy. Also, ensure that the things that you use do not hurt the tender mouth of the baby. You could also try edible things that are cold to put in the babies’ mouth.

teething fruit ice sticks

Foods that are frosty: As the gums ache, the baby may not like to eat as much and the way to work around this is to feed the baby some really cold food. Which could include yoghurt and apple sauce. Or even try ice sticks made of pure fruit juice. You could even try making milk or formula into a really cold version and this could work for babies that have not started on fruits yet. If the baby is used to it then apples, carrots and other things in a cold state could be given. Do keep an eye out as the baby has this kind of food.

teething toys

Toys for teething: There is a huge array of teether out there and you can pick the one that you think are good and will work for your baby. Make sure that the material used is safe for your baby to put in the mouth. Babies when they are in need of something to gnaw can chew on anything they come across so make sure these are not harmful to your baby.

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Some traditional relief for pain: Sometimes you will see that the baby is in a fair amount of pain and this may even result in fever. At these times you can go for Tylenol. These are available as drops for use in infants. To get the dosage right, you need to talk to you baby’s doctor and then only give things like ibuprofen and Tylenol. Some parents also use gels that numb that have benzocaine to give the baby relief from the pain. However, these products are not completely acceptable as they could cause some further problems.

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Natural Remedies: In case you feel hesitation while reaching out for medicines to relieve your baby’s pain, then you should go in for some natural remedies. While there is not much research that supports the efficacy of the these remedies, you can be sure the side effects are less. You can get pills having herbs like chamomilla and belladonna that will dissolve and make the baby fall asleep when they are given. There are some remedies that have clove oil that is supposed to help with gum and teeth pain. People also make their babies wear amber teething necklaces for relief from pain. Do keep an eye out on the baby to ensure that the necklace does not break and cause the baby to swallow any of the beads.